325# 8



http://zinelibrary.info/files/8-325_net1.pdf (7.24 mb)

Released now for September 2010, the free yearly PDF of the international anarchist magazine, 325. 76 pages packed full of revolutionary anti-capitalist social war.

Amongst other things, this issue features a major section about the
Greek social war “Fire on the Breeze : Letters and Communiques from
Greece”, this is written by the anarchists involved in the movement, not
outsiders, but by the fighters and hostages of power themselves. The
communiques from the prisoners of armed group Revolutionary Struggle,
including the important text “The only answer to modern totalitarianism
is social revolution”; a tribute to Lambros Foundas; Sect of
Revolutionaries communique; Conspiracy of Cells of Fire communique about
the ‘Marfin Bank’ incident; and more.

Another large part in the zine is the section “Notes from the
gathering against Prison Society”, an anti-prison, anti-state 2-day
meeting which took place Oct/Nov 2009 in Brighton. The notes from this
meeting begin with a presentation on the ‘Campaign against Prison
Slavery’ and a description of the British prison system. A comrade from
Athens explains the case of Giannis Dimitrakis, an anarchist imprisoned
for expropriation, the comrade also talks about methods of
‘revolutionary solidarity’, which have formed a dynamic and powerful
feature of the Greek anarchist movement.

Also featured is an interview with Jean Weir, known for her ‘Elephant
Editions’ book imprint, translator and publisher of Italian anarchist,
Alfredo Maria Bonanno. The interview forms a section which concludes
with “Taking Back Our Lives”, the edited transcribed notes from a
presentation in Berlin, Sept 2009.

Also included are the sections and articles: “International
resistance news”, “Repression and reports”, “For mass struggle and
subversion”, “Revolutionary solidarity, “Who are we talking to?”, “What
are anarchists?”, “Declarations”, “Find yourself a revolver” and more.

325 #8 is available for free download here.

Paper versions, individual copies and bulk, can be requested directly
from 325 online, via our contact form, or your local anarchist
distro/group/infoshop may have copies, if not, consider producing a
print run for your area.