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Have you wanted to get into cross-country Bicycle Touring?
...but thought you didn't have The Money, Muscle, Gear, or Know-How?

You only need The Know-How, presented here for free in an accessible* and engaging zine!

The Space-Bag Camelbak
Hack Yr Bike Into a Touring Bike
Urban Camping
Kitty Litter Bucket Panniers  read more »

DIY Life Zine Issue #1

Issue 1 of DIY Life Zine (revised version)-1.jpg

DIY Life: doing things independently of experts, professionals, institutions, corporations, and similar things. Taking our lives, and our communities, into our own hands.

DIY Moonshine Still


drink moonshine at your own risk. This recipe is not verified.

Don't Back Down


Contains info on Supplies, Affitinity Groups, Gas Decontamination, Herbal First Aid, Voilence Defusing tips, Grounding and Centering, Guide to Surviving Public Order Situations, Emotional Aftercare, Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, Peer Counseling, and more...

Download at: (8.86 mb)

Don't Vote — Organise!

vote toilet.jpg

Re-designed and paraphrased zine (originally a Crimethinc Primer) on voting vs direct action. Downloadable pdf zine (one page), ready to print and distribute.

Re-designed by Garage Collective.

Dumpster Dive - Doing it, and doing it well


Dumpster Diving - Doing it and Doing it Well. A short zine with tips, etiquette, and suggestions about the practice of dumpster diving. Also discusses the issues of privilege and who has access to dumpsters, its effect on class struggle and creating a sustainable movement. It's brief and don't go too in depth, but has good info.

Dumpster Union Dispatch #1


A very radical pamphlet from the Hungry Knife Artist Collective
Analysis & perspective from the U.S. - Mexico deserts
Radical Art Activism
Practical D.I.Y.
Solidarity & Sustainibilty
Readable version:
Printable version:

Earth Alchemy: The Art and Science of Compost

This zine is about composting. It is both a how-to manual and a text on the scientific theory of composting. It's kinda academic but I tried to make the language really accessible. Enjoy!

Easy Living! Vol. 1


EASY LIVING on the road! (aka: a bunch of stuff you can do at hotels while you are on the road!)

In this mini-zine you will find ways to get free breakfast, free internet and/or computer access, free household goods, and more.  read more »

Edible Forest Gardening


A sustainable and productive way to grow healthy food

by Dave Sansone

Empower Yr Sexy Self: A Workbook


A workbook zine from some cool folks at the Wench Collective in Kentucky.

About: sensuality, intimacy, sexual identity, sexual health and reproduction, and seuxalization.

Encrypting Instant Message Conversations


V. 1.0

by DIzzie 2006


Feral Forager


A guide to living off of nature's bounty in urban, rural and wilderness areas

Download at: (9.27 mb)

Fertility Awareness for Non-Invasive Birth Control


By Arthouse Coalition

Portland ME 

Fiddle Faddle #1 - a new anarchist zine for deviants and sexual libertines


Fiddle Faddle is a publishing collective of British anarchist communists hoping to explore the politics of alternative sexual identity and gender. We hope to provide a range of content from light-hearted articles, artwork, DIY guides and theory.

In this issue:

- Manifesto of the Sodom Liberation Army (the importance of being deviant)
- Pegging - a users guide
- DIY Shibari
- When do we fuck?
- Interview with Anarkink
- What is anarchism?

If you would like to be involved in the next Fiddle Faddle email: sodomliberationarmy(at)