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Herbal Abortion


a Woman's D.I.Y. Guide

( has no idea if this works or what side effects may result from following this guide)

Herbal Medicine-Making Primer, An


This addition to the Yggdrasil Distro collection is a thorough examination of the various methods of preparing herbal medicines. Many plant-focused and herbal medicine zines exist, but few of them explore any methods of preparing herb medicine beyond simple infusions and decoctions.  read more »

Herbs for Trauma


A zine on herbal medicine for trauma, with a focus on sexual assault.  The middle page of the zine only takes up half a sheet; it's doubled here, so just cut it in half.

Hobo Papers #1Free Food


by DIzzIE

Homes Not Jails: Issue 1

Homes Not Jails: Issue 1

Issue 1
A brief introduction to squatting, with tips on how to identify vacant housing, and open and maintain a squat.

Hot-N-Dirty Oven Lovin': A guide to building your own Outdoor Earth Oven

Oven Cover

A step-by-step guide to building an outdoor "cob" earth baking oven. This is an easy way to get to know some natural building principals and materials by making a wood-fired oven. All you need are a few scavenged materials and some friends to help you build. Actually, you don't even need the friends...

How to build a 36 spoke bicycle wheel

wheel building-1.jpg

Short how-to on wheel building for bicycles. Hand drawn illustrations.

How to Build a Plywood Canoe


in metric

How to Build Your Own Computer

by Glyn Williams

How to Hide Anything


by Michael Conner

how to make a strap on harness out of bike tubes!!

strap on zine-1.jpg

an instructional zine on how to make a strap on harness out of bike tubes.
cheap and easy!

How to Plan and Execute an act of Electronic Civil Disobedience (ECD) v2


This is the second version of the zine "How to Plan and Execute an Act of Electronic Civil Disobedience (ECD)" from The original version has some dead links and spelling mistakes, which this update corrects. Props and credit to the original author.

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