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How to Promote Events: A Radical/DIY Guide

How to Promote Events

How to Promote Events: 16 page zine adapted from original text by the Beehive Design Collective.  This file (PDF, 11MB)  read more »

How to Put Together Your Own Consent Workshop

consent workshop zine-1.jpg

The full title of this zine is "How to Put Together Your Own Participatory, Community-Specific, Radical Consent Workshop." The zine offers a thorough blueprint for one kickass consent workshop. The zine was assembled by, and this workshop model was beta tested by, a Seattle University student group called Northwest Break the Silence.  read more »

How to Scan Zines and Make PDF Files

These instructions are for zines on 8.5 x 11” paper, printed on both sides in booklet form (with fold in middle). Look for computer recyclers, college campuses and public libraries for access to a scanner. Computer recyclers usually have tons of scanners that work fine.

What you will need

A zine you would like to share

A Scanner hooked up to a computer  read more »

How to Smash Everything


an anarchist source book

Singlethorn Collective 2007

How to Start and Train a Militia


An important manual I've came across
Personally I have begun building one, just in case.

This material maybe copyrighted.

HTZ #2: Notes From the Hacker Underground

Notes From the Hacker Underground

Hack This Zine!,PDF, TXT


o hack this site founder raided by fbi
o right wing hackers target indymedia network
o directnic enforces icann whois contact info accuracy
o phpbb 2.10 disclosure cause mischief and mayhem on the net
o nmap developers intimidated by wyrmkill


Icarus Project Navigating Crisis Handout


This is a one-sheet zine put out by the Icarus Project on how to respond to mental health crises. It includes info on how to respond to someone who's suicidal, suggestions for those who intervene, and info about advance directives (legal documents that spell out how someone wants to be treated if they're institutionalized and can't speak coherently for themselves).

More at the Icarus Project:

In Which Franklin The Turtle Meets the Spice Girls


A Sexy Story of a sex worker who has an unexpected experience with an older client

Interview with Philly's Pissed & Philly Stands Up


An interview with Philly's Pissed and Philly Stands Up, two collectives that work to support survivors of sexual assault and hold perpetrators accountable.  From Heartattack zine.

Invisible Advantage - Ghillie Suit Construction Made Simple

Invisible Advantage - Ghillie Suit Construction Made Simple-1.jpg

Invisible Advantage - Ghillie Suit Construction Made Simple

What is a ghillie suit?  read more »

Invisible Advantage - Ghillie Suit Construction Made Simple

Invisible Advantage - Ghillie Suit Construction Made Simple

What is a ghillie suit?  read more »

Islands of Autonomy - social centres in Indonesia and the Philippines

Islands of Autonomy

A collection of interviews with six autonomous spaces in Indonesia and the Philippines. The interviews were conducted at the start of 2011, and although the zine has existed for some time, it has unfortunately not been published online until now.  read more »

Jalil Muntaqim on the Black Liberation Army


Job Journal

A job journal anyone can print out and use to record what happens at work.

Kadun Kuvalehti, hetkinen 1/2012 zine


A Finnish language counterculture zine.