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Athens, the Revolutionary Struggle trial: Statement of anarchist Jean Weir to the terror court of Korydallos 10/09/2012

Anarchist News - Thu, 11/15/2012 - 21:15
Revolutionary Struggle are an anarchist-communist urban guerilla group. Members and co-accused are 'on trial' by the Greek state - more info here:

Jean Weir is a insurrectional anarchist from the UK who was invited by the members of RS to speak at their trial, which of course they chose to make into a 'trial' of the state and the capitalist system. Jean's publishing/distribution project Elephant Editions has a website here:


- dmp

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Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain Blamed for Sabotage Campaign

Anarchist News - Wed, 11/14/2012 - 23:55
From Sean Swain

In September 2012, copies of a "resistance manual" and flyers promoting "a joyous class war" and sabotage within the prison appeared within Mansfield Correctional Institution (ManCI). According to a conduct report filed against alleged leaders, these materials "instruct inmates to bring the prison system to the brink" by engaging in a wide range of activities. The flyers were distributed by a group calling themselves the Army of the Twelve Monkeys, a reference to a 1990's science fiction film.

The flyers promote three types of activities. First, wasting resources: "run electrical appliance and flush sink water all day" and "demand all food, clothes and medical/dental you are entitled to". Second, damaging prison property: "break machines in the kitchen and OPI... pour salt water in staff computers... cut phone and computer lines... put gum, paperclips, and staples in door locks". Third, broader organizing calls: "gang members to unite against our common enemy" and "steal, sabotage, organize, strike, resist".

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Smash Pacifism; A Critical Analysis of Gandhi and King

Anarchist News - Wed, 11/14/2012 - 19:48
From Warrior Publications


Non-violence as an ideology adopted by social movements is a relatively new phenomenon. While people have used both violent and non-violent methods throughout history in struggles against oppression, depending on circumstances, it was not until the late 19th century that non-violence came to be promoted as a philosophy applicable to political action. By the early 20th century, groups began to emerge claiming nonviolence was the only way to establish a utopian society. Most of these groups and their intellectuals derived their philosophies from organized religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Within these religions were sects that advocated pacifism as a way of life. Often overlooked in critiques of pacifism, this religious origin is an important factor in understanding pacifism and its methods (i.e., missionary-style organizing, claims of moral superiority, appeals to faith and not reason, etc.).

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Verde: new UK anarchist distro & press

Anarchist News - Wed, 11/14/2012 - 12:02
From Verde

Verde is a publishing project of a few friends who want to circulate radical books that we’ve been inspired by. It’s all not-for-profit and non-commercial in nature. We don’t imagine that we’re ever going to be a big publisher, even in anarchist standards, but we’re looking forward to printing and distributing. We have a few plans for our own book releases that we’re working on, as well as our pamphlets. Most of the books we carry are cheaper and easier to order online direct from the publisher, but this project, as we’ve already stated, isn’t about economics, it’s about developing affinity and exchange, through producing critical reading material and spreading it around where it is rare. Find our stuff in occupied spaces and from ourselves!

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East Bay Anarchist Bookfair: Second Notice

Anarchist News - Wed, 11/14/2012 - 06:15
From East Bay Anarchist

We are excited to present the First East Bay Anarchist Book Fair December 1, 10am - 8pm, at Humanist Hall in Oakland, CA. Is it too late for dreamers, in a world of microchips and melting permafrost? What would it mean to break every rule? Can prideful, mumbling, and mournful beasts, such as ourselves, learn to live among one another, without gods or masters? At the East Bay Anarchist Book Fair, we will ask of each other these and other questions, in a series of facilitated conversations. Topics include: PLEASURE, CRISIS, VIOLENCE, and THE EVENT. A collection of short texts will be distributed in advance and available on the internet. Conversations are open to everyone. No prior experience is necessary. The experiences you've gained—living in a world that is choking to death on its own riches—is all you will ever need. At the end of the day, we will come together to try to answer the burning question of this and every time: ‘What is to be done?’

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ASIO hassling Australian anarchists in lead up to G20 in 2014

Anarchist News - Wed, 11/14/2012 - 05:10
From The Age

REBECCA Harrison was extremely curious when the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation unexpectedly contacted her last month. What the Monash University student and part-time political activist didn't know was that she had been drawn into a new counter-terrorism probe, and that ASIO is investigating possible threats to the G20 economic leaders' meetings to be hosted by Australia in 2014.

An ASIO officer rang Harrison on her mobile phone, introduced herself and asked whether they could meet to discuss the issue of ''politically motivated violence''.

Harrison, a third-year philosophy student, has been involved in a range of political activities including the Melbourne Anarchist Club, the Occupy movement and environmental activist group Quit Coal. She spoke to other activists and when the ASIO agent rang back, agreed to meet.

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Fault Lines: brief notes on potentially exploitable weaknesses

Anarchist News - Wed, 11/14/2012 - 03:18
What follows are some quick notes contributing to what could be called an anarchist "policy analysis". By anon.

With the election just behind us, Occupy largely considered to be dead, state repression against anti-authoritarians building, lingering economic woes and a rising right-wing populist discontent, what are our best options for contributing to overall destabilization?

The climate:

Anarchists had two minds with regards to Occupy: one the one hand many pointed towards its leaderless, largely informal organizational structure, vague "anti-capitalist" sentiments, popularizing of a generalized dissent and its potential for deeper destabilization as broadly positive characteristics. Others decried it's problems, which are numerous to say the least, but for the purposes of this piece paramount was the idea that it was often a little too close to the mainstream, and thus too close to liberal/reformist recuperation. Potentially a huge effort would have been required to shift Occupy in a direction such that it would have adopted a solidly anti-establishment agenda and achieved significant politico/economic destabilization.

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Free Speech and Fascism

Anarchist News - Wed, 11/14/2012 - 01:46
From Cirle Ansuz

There are many who, in the wake of our recent action in San Francisco, have accused Circle Ansuz of being anti-free speech. This is the furthest thing from the truth. As one would expect from a group of anarchists, we LOVE freedom of speech.

Many of the great fights to protect and enhance free speech rights in the United States, for example, were spearheaded by anarchists and labor radicals like Emma Goldman and Big Bill Haywood. The freedom to speak one’s mind without fear of official retribution is essential for the creation of a free, just society.

So in light of that, how can any group which claims to love free speech demand the shutdown of a publishing house, a key element in the dissemination of speech and ideas? Some argue this is an act of censorship. By muzzling an organization we disagree with or oppose, they argue, we are no better than the people we claim to fight. In their rush to condemn our actions the proponents of this position have missed the larger point.

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Support Toronto G20 Prisoners

Anarchist News - Wed, 11/14/2012 - 00:05
From Guelph ABC

You might be reading this and thinking “WHAT??!! But the Toronto G20 happened over two years ago! Guelph ABC still needs more fundraising??”

And the answer to that is yes, we do. As we all know, court is a slow and soul sucking process, and people who have charges from the Toronto G20 are still going through it. Guelph ABC is anticipating that in the coming months more people will be going to jail from G20 charges, and we do not have enough funds to support them all. That is why we need YOUR help.

Please consider what you can do to support Guelph ABC. Especially if you are from this area, or you have received support from Guelph ABC in the past. Perhaps you have time to organize a fundraiser. Perhaps you have a job because you were able to escape the claws of jail, and now you can donate to Guelph ABC. Whatever you are able to give, it will go to those who will need it as they face the cold oppression of jail cells.

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International Conspiracy for Revenge – FAI/IRF claim bombing and call for global actions in solidarity with prisoners of FAI-Indonesia Eat & Billy

Anarchist News - Tue, 11/13/2012 - 23:25
325 receives and transmits:

“Remember, remember
The fifth of November
The gunpowder treason and plot.
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.”
(V for Vendetta)

Last night (Monday, 5 November 2012), we placed a small explosive package.

We put it in front of Red Monkey Karaoke’s pub in Manado. We did it as a small gesture of a solidarity to all the rebels in Papua who were shot by the Indonesian military, to the people in Philippines who stand up against the eco-disaster of mega project of SMI-Xstrata, to the rebels in Greece squats who faced the eviction and were kidnapped by the state, to the anti-fascist fighters around the world who stand up against discrimination and terror.

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The 2012 Boston Anarchist Bookfair

Anarchist News - Tue, 11/13/2012 - 21:07
From Boston Occupier

The second annual Boston Anarchist Bookfair was held at Simmons College this past weekend, from November 9 through  the 11.

The Bookfair opened with a concert on Friday night at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA). With anti-fascist and anarcho-queer banners up on the walls and banisters, and the Lucy Parsons Center and IWW tabling with anarchist literature, the college was transformed into a radical political space. Starting around 8pm and ending close to 1AM, a total of eight musicians performed, as well as a political puppet show – the Anarchist Puppet Cabaret.

The genres were varied – acoustic, folk, hip-hop, punk, jazz, cover, and any combination of these imaginable. Among the audience were students, artists, educators, activists, musicians, and a couple parents with their children. The show was successful, with more than 100 in attendance throughout the night, and a great prelude to the Bookfair, held just a few blocks away from SMFA at Simmons College.

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Bakunin's Women

Anarchist News - Tue, 11/13/2012 - 06:47
From Anarkismo - by Michael Schmidt - ex-ZACF

A partial review of Mark Leier’s Bakunin: A Biography, St Martin’s Press, New York City USA, 2006 – by Michael Schmidt, founder member of the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front (ZACF) of South Africa, co-author with Lucien van der Walt of Black Flame: the Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism, Counter-power Vol.1 (AK Press, USA, 2009), and author of Cartographie de l’anarchisme révolutionnaire (Lux Éditeur, Canada, 2012).

Mikhail Bakunin “reappeared as a bogeyman after September 11” because the 1920 bombing of Wall Street by the Galleanist anarchist Mario Buda which left thirty dead, 200 injured, demolished the magnate J.P. Morgan's office, and caused $2-million in property damage was the worst prior terror attack in New York, “but his casting as the grandfather of terrorism was an exercise of mystification rather than explanation.”

Bakunin’s towering intellect has always been reduced to caricature of his supposedly chaotic nature, despite the fact that the 1872 split in the First International left the Marxists with perhaps a total of 1,000 adherents across the world, while the anarchist faction (usually misrepresented as the minority) could count mass trade unions such as the Spanish FRE of 60,000 members, the Mexican CGO of 15,000 members, and the Italians unions with 30,000 members. It speaks volumes about the proletarian threat that Bakunin’s ideas posed to power that unlike Marxism, with its state-sponsored press and comfortable academic sinecures, that his complete writings only became available in 2000 thanks to the International Institute of Social History’s multilingual CD-ROM Bakounine: Ouvres complètes.

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13th Annual Chicago Anarchist Film Festival Now Seeks Entries

Anarchist News - Tue, 11/13/2012 - 03:39
For the 13th year, April 26-28, 2013 the Chicago Anarchist Film Festival will present the works of un- and under-distributed filmmakers world wide, who are engaged in providing radical entertainment, documenting social change, and projecting a world that could be. This is a film festival with an anarchist vision. We invite you to share your images and stories that reveal and invigorate a rich anarchist presence in society.


All entries must be submitted with an entry form. Submission form attached to this announcement. A contributors statement and promotional material is appreciated. Please indicate availability and interest in attending the festival.

Submissions should be DVD (2 copies, any zone) or vhs (pal or ntsc). Videos that you would like to submit electronically we will watch, but if selected we must receive hard copies to avoid technical problems. Selection is based on time allocation, relevance, quality and resonance. There are no rewards or prizes beyond our appreciation and heartfelt thanks, but we will be collecting audience feedback which can be provided to contributors on request. All entrants will be updated on the status of their submissions as soon as possible. We ask the contributions be made with the anarchist spirit of community and celebration with which they will be received. Solidarity!

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Underpants Gnomes: A Critique of the Academic Left

Anarchist News - Tue, 11/13/2012 - 03:29
From Larval Subjects

I must be in a mood today– half irritated, half amused –because I find myself ranting. Of course, that’s not entirely unusual. So this afternoon I came across a post by a friend quoting something discussing the environmental movement that pushed all the right button. As the post read,

For mainstream environmentalism– conservationism, green consumerism, and resource management –humans are conceptually separated out of nature and mythically placed in privileged positions of authority and control over ecological communities and their nonhuman constituents. What emerges is the fiction of a marketplace of ‘raw materials’ and ‘resources’ through which human-centered wants, constructed as needs, might be satisfied. The mainstream narratives are replete with such metaphors [carbon trading!]. Natural complexity,, mutuality, and diversity are rendered virtually meaningless given discursive parameters that reduce nature to discrete units of exchange measuring extractive capacities. Jeff Shantz, “Green Syndicalism”

While finding elements this description perplexing– I can’t say that I see many environmentalists treating nature and culture as distinct or suggesting that we’re sovereigns of nature –I do agree that we conceive much of our relationship to the natural world in economic terms (not a surprise that capitalism is today a universal). This, however, is not what bothers me about this passage.

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Share your video messages of friendship and solidarity with the South African anarchist bookfair

Anarchist News - Mon, 11/12/2012 - 16:52
Dear fellow anarchists,

On the 8th of December, we're hosting the second annual South African Anarchist Bookfair in Observatory, Cape Town.

Many of those who attend the bookfair will be relatively new to anarchist ideas and probably largely unaware of just how widespread and diverse contemporary anarchism is. What we'd like to do, therefore, is share a collection of short video messages of friendship, solidarity and inspiration from anarchists in other countries with everyone who visits us on the day. If there's something you'd like to say to South African anarchists and anarcho-curious folks, or you have an existing video you'd like to share with us, please send it (or a link to it, if it's large) to the organisers at We'll show all the videos we receive (in whatever format) on the day, and upload a compilation of them afterwards for everyone to watch.

Love and solidarity,
The organisers of the 2012 SA Anarchist Bookfair

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British ban squatting to tackle ‘anarchists’

Anarchist News - Mon, 11/12/2012 - 16:34
From Al Jazeera

London, UK - "Todd" was 18 when he came to the United Kingdom from Lithuania in 2005 in search of a better life. But things didn't work out. By 2009, with the British economy ravaged by recession, he had lost his job and had nowhere to live.

"I had really bad depression so I couldn't hold a job. I ended up sleeping rough on the streets. My mental health was deteriorating... I had suicidal thoughts," he recalls.

Todd - an adopted Anglicisation of his Lithuanian name - ended up in Brighton, a town on England's south coast with a reputation for tolerance, a vibrant arts scene and a homelessness problem. It was there that he began to rebuild his life, finding a vital support network among those squatting in the town's ample stock of empty and neglected buildings and sometimes opening them up as impromptu galleries and cultural spaces.

"I call myself houseless, not homeless. We are a community and we help each other out," he explains. "There is a lot of support and there is always somebody to talk to. Living like this, you're always in control of your own life. You don't have the money to support yourself food-wise, maybe, but you can go and get it from skips. It's still the same food."

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Tar Sands Blockade Calls For Solidarity Actions November 19th

Anarchist News - Mon, 11/12/2012 - 16:03
Alright, eco-warriors, consider yourselves on notice. Tar Sands Blockade is stepping our game up, and we’re calling on you to do the same.

We’ll be throwing down in a big way next Monday, November 19th, somewhere near Nacogdoches, Texas, the heart of outlaw territory in this region for hundreds of years, and we want you to do the same. If you’re close enough or able to travel, of course we’d love to have you here with us, but we also want to see communities rising up and defending their homes from the wanton destruction of extractive industry everywhere.

TSB is dedicated to fighting this tar sands pipeline running through our collective backyard (or front yard, as the case may be), but we can do the math. We know that extraction is the lifeblood of the machine, the foundation of the crisis known as capitalism, and that only by building communities of resistance can people opt out of the system and watch it return to dust. So we call on the radical environmental community to show solidarity with the struggle against the tar sands, recognizing that our struggle is just a piece of the larger struggle against extraction and that you need to do what makes sense for your community.

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Scotland Yard 'eco-spy' Mark Kennedy dragged into French anarchist plot

Anarchist News - Mon, 11/12/2012 - 03:30
From Telegraph UK - by Henry Samuel, Paris

A former Scotland Yard officer who infiltrated groups of environmental "terrorists" has been dragged into a high-profile investigation in France over claims he provided "fantasist" information leading to 10 activists' arrest.

Mark Kennedy, 42, who spent seven years posing as "ecowarrior" Mark Stone, was exposed as a police spy in Britain last year following the collapse of a prosecution against environmental activists.

During his undercover life, he visited 11 countries on more than 40 occasions, fielding information to the UK's National Public Order Intelligence Unit, now the National Domestic Extremism Unit.

Since he was unmasked, 20 convictions in cases he was involved in against activists have been quashed in the court of appeal. He was also sued by three female eco-activists for being "duped" into having sexual relations with a policeman.

Now his name has cropped up in the investigation into French activists over an alleged anarchist plot to overthrow the state.

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Reportback from Montréal anti-repression demo

Anarchist News - Mon, 11/12/2012 - 00:13
Over several months of struggle, there have been more than 2000 arrests. Today, over 500 hundred people are facing criminal charges. It is in solidarity with our arrested comrades, as well as in response to the ongoing repression against our struggles, that about 150 people assembled for a demonstration at Carré St-Louis on Friday, October 26. The cops of the SPVM were also assembled facing the park, trying to create a climate of fear and panic with their presence. These pigs quickly declared the gathering illegal. Despite this, the demo took to the streets towards 7 pm. As it started to move, a speech was read explaining the reasons for the demo:

"After six months of striking, of battles, of riots, of solidarity, and of the 'palais de justice' (the court house), it seemed that pacification had taken over. Tonight, it's time to change this. We can't stay calm when over 500 people are facing criminal charges. These 500 people with whom we have shared the streets. These comrades who were arrested while we're still here. Together we have faced pigs that tried to beat us, arrest us, and who are always looking for new things to charge us with. It is because of these pigs that some comrades are now risking prison or living under conditions, having their lives dictated by fear. Whether inside the walls or out, we are all prisoners of a system that stops us from living.

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Terrain for an encounter: social anarchism and communisation

Anarchist News - Sun, 11/11/2012 - 14:37
From Libcom

The following was published as an introduction and a primer for an anarchist reading of the following text - 'What is Communisation? - Leon de Mattis - as a result it assumes a certain understanding of concepts within communisation theory (outlined in that text) as well as being a rather cursory presentation of the controversies therein. Nonetheless we reproduce it by itself as a useful starting point for further investigation and debate into the relationship between these revolutionary theories.

Communisation as a conception of the process of revolutionary transformation is intrinsically tied to the history of utopian thought. As a result it is possible to trace many communising sentiments as far back as the pre-modern, agrarian ideals of the Diggers, the writings of Thomas More, Babeuf, Robert Owen and many other early utopian socialists.

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