America Needs Social Justice, Not 'Soul Searching'

How the Obama Administration 's Apathy Concerning Institutional Racism Has Passively Allowed
the African in America to be Abused by the Far-Right

And if we support Barack Obama it isn’t because he is Black, but because we have more to fear from the reactionary primitives of the right-wing than we do the acquiescent lames of the democratic party Mr. Obama currently represents. Make no mistake, the US republican party has become the new face of the neo-Confederate movement.1 Of this there is no doubt.2 And each day the president ignores this pressing issue the worse the situation gets. Not just for his re-election chances but for the well-being of the country at large, and perhaps the world as a whole. Although the US news media is still doing its very best to ignore this, but Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian far-right Christian-Zionist terrorist3 was heavily influenced by the very same US neoconservative movement that opposes the Obama administration simply because Mr. Obama is a Black man.4 Breivik's clear connections to the international far-right are being ignored or downplayed in the US press.5 And aside from the blogosphere, no one in America seems to think that his insane outburst of neoconservative rage has anything to do with the steady rise of far-right political violence across the European and American states. And almost no one said anything, including Mr. Obama, when Glenn Beck identified Breivik's victims as 'Hitler Youth'.6

Yes,I know, I know: there is only so much one man can be expected to do. We have heard this all before. Many times before. This is the lament of the Black bourgeoisie and when balanced against equally measurable historical examples it is pathetic, useless and in the end, self-defeating. While media-savvy White conservatives are busying themselves making use of Mr. Obama's weak-arse Trayvon Martin case comments to accuse him of overt racism against Whites, the Black political and economic elite are praising the 'maturity' and 'sadness' they think they heard in his ineffectual remarks about the murder of an innocent African youth. They are backed in print by the 'liberal' White-owned and operated mainstream press who identify his remarks as a 'One for the history books' instead of an example of just how emasculated the African ha become in the United States. The American African community at some point in time must come to grips with the fact that if Barack Obama as president will not stand up against vociferous White racism in his own country in defence of his own people, he will not defend anyone else's international, human or civil rights. As the British journalist Robert Fisk said some time back, 'No one listens to Obama any more'. And this latest episode of weak-kneed Black American politick in the heat of neo-fascist hatred has only proved Mr. Fisk to be embarrassingly correct on all counts.

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