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Critical Thinking as an Anarchist Weapon


Some tools for debates, discussions, meetings, study groups and in developing an incisive anarchist theory and practice

a Venomous Butterfly Publication

Croatian translation from Il Diavolo in Corpo


A translation in Croatian of "Il valore della vita" by Adonide, an article appeared in the Italian magazine Il Diavolo in Corpo. It's shipped in 2 flavors: one pdf for continuous reading (a5) for extracting and one imposed, ready for printing on a4 paper.

You can require the .tex sources contacting me via the contact form.

Croatian translation of The Anarchist Tension by Alfredo M. Bonanno


A translation in Croatian of this modern classic is out. It's shipped in 2 flavors: one pdf for continuous reading (a5) for extracting and one imposed, ready for printing on a4 paper.

You can require the .tex sources contacting me via the contact form.

Crypto-Anarchist Manifesto

Cryptoanarchist Manifesto-1.jpg

teh hackers

Cuban Anarchism

Cuban Anarchism-1.jpg

Cuban Anarchism: The History of a Movement

Frank Fernandez

intro by Chaz Bufe 

Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants #5 - Anarchist Zine From Richmond, VA


Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants #5 (CPHP5) is a zine by Mo Karnage with other contributors including Kayal Dean (also of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective) and Autumn Springs! Topics include; gentrification, queerness, gay marriage, vegan recipes, accounability, copwatch, the campaign to keep Monroe Park Open, and more about the Wingnut Anarchist Collective.  read more »

Custer Died for Your Sins - An Indian Manifesto by Vine Deloria, Jr.

Custer Died for Your Sins

Deloria observes, "The Indian world has changed so substantially since the first publication of this book that some things contained in it seem new again." Indeed, It seems that each generation of whites and Indians will have to read and reread Vine Deloria's manifesto for some time to come, before we absorb his special, ironic Indian point of view and what he tells us, with a great deal of humor,  read more »

Cyborg Manifesto, A by Donna Haraway


In the hugely influential A Cyborg Manifesto Donna Haraway criticizes traditional notions of Feminism, particularly it's emphasis on identity, rather than affinity. She explores the potential of the cyborg concept in order to construct a postmodern feminism that moves beyond dualisms and the limitations of traditional gender, feminism and politics.

D.I.Y. Anarchy--Getting Started for the New Anarchist


A small guide for those who are new to anarchy, who are without other anarchists who can support them, or are afraid or have difficulty performing direct action. Advice from my own experiences and the experiences of others.

Dan Savage Un-welcoming Party! Pamphlet

Dan Savage Un-welcoming Party

Radical queers and their allies came together to form an un-welcoming party for Dan Savage on January 21, 2012, outside the Vogue Theatre on unceded Coast Salish Territories. After successfully glitter-bombing Dan Savage outside the theater, the Homomilitia handed out over 200 pamphlets (each with a tiny glitter packet stapled inside!) to people attending the talk.  read more »

Dangerous Conversations

Dangerous Conversations

Dangerous Conversations is a project born out of the struggle to end systems of domination. Our involvement in movements described as anarchist, activist, horizontalist, and so on has been at times inspiring and at other times disillusioning and frustrating.  read more »

DANGEROUS SPACES: Violent Resistance, Self-Defense, and Insurrectional Struggle Against Gender


A collection of communiques and theory surrounding issues of women's and queer violence, self-defense, and revenge.

Untorelli Press
untorelli (at)

Dark Nights #4


December 2008

Support the Italian life prisoners in struggle against life sentences and all prisons

Day the Revolution Came to Town, The

Log Line:

A drifter comes to town talking about revolution. People don’t take him seriously until he defends himself from business owners, cops and thugs trying to kick him out of town. The drifter plans on doing all he can to destroy hierarchy before he goes.

Day When Nothing is Certain, A


writings on the Greek insurrection

Daybreak #3


midwestern anarchist hellraisin

#3 Fall 2002 

Dealing with Distractions: Confronting green capitalism in copenhagen and beyond


Just in time for the COP15! a zine which collects new and recent texts dealing with the climate crisis from a variety of anticapitalist viewpoints. How does the fight over the climate crisis fit into the fight against the capitalist system. Climate change is the symptom, capitalism is the crisis!

Download At: (22.7 mb)


Dear Occupiers - a letter from anarchists (altered)

Debunking myths about Quebec Protests


Kingston Casserole tri-fold flyer

Decolonizing Anarchism: An Antiauthoritarian History of India's Liberation Struggle

Decolonizing Anarchism

Decolonizing Anarchism looks at the history of South Asian struggles against colonialism and neocolonialism, highlighting lesser-known dissidents as well as iconic figures. This approach reveals an alternate narrative of decolonization, in which achieving a nation-state is not the objective.  read more »