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Poland, 1990, October-November, News prepared by Black Alliance group

October-November 1990
news prepared by Black Alliance group

News From Poland

1. 17 October, Krakow

The group of Anarchist Federation in Krakow organized an anti-presidential demonstration during the election rally of Lech Walesa. The A.F. demonstration was attacked by skin-heads and the other supporters of Walesa.

2. 19 October, Warszawa  read more »

Political Organization, The


by Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici

Polysexuality (Edited by François Peraldi)

Polysexuality Semiotext(e)

Introduction by FRANCOIS PERALDI
Body of the Text by PIERRE GUYOTAT // I Stuggles with a Demon... by DANIEL SLOATE // Onanism and Nervous Disorders in Two Little Girls by DEMETRIUS ZAMBACO
2. SOFT SEX  read more »

Post Left Anarchy

Post Left-1.jpg

Post-Anarchism: A Reader (edited by Duane Rousselle and Süreyyya Evren)

post-anarchism reader

Post-anarchism has been of considerable importance in the discussions of radical intellectuals across the globe in the last decade. In its most popular form, it demonstrates a desire to blend the most promising aspects of traditional anarchist theory with developments in post-structuralist and post-modernist thought.  read more »

Power and Authority -- Bakunin


by Mikhail Bakunin

Prefigurative Organization, The


by Kim Keyser

There are a lot of ideologies, movements and
organizations which have tried to fundamentally
change the world. If we take a look around, we
quickly find out that this has not yet been successful:
the global society is marked by extreme poverty,
gruesome wars, enormous environmental crises
and deep social problems. In part, none of these  read more »

Preoccupied: The Logic of Occupation


Account of the New School occupation in New York.

Pretty Objects of Revolt


Pretty Objects of Revolt
by the Institute for Experimental Freedom
about the Greek insurrection

Prima Cesta

Prima Cesta 1-1.jpg

Listopad 2001

by the 8th March Feminist Group

Prima cesta nr. 2

02 - Pornografie-1.jpg

Prima cesta nr. 3

03 - Žena v jazyce-1.jpg

Prima cesta nr. 4

04 - Žena a antifašismus-1.jpg

Prima cesta nr. 5

05 - Muži v patriarchátu-1.jpg

Prima cesta nr. 6

06 - Výchova a vzdělávání-1.jpg

Primer To Police Crowd Control Tactics and Frameworks, A


This pamphlet is the first in the Tactical Analysis Series. Based on a workshop by the same name this text will walk you through police situation analysis, especially as it pertains to crowd control situations, the order of analysis, tactical operations and their strengths and weaknesses, hand signals, formations and movements and terrain analysis.  read more »

Principle of Organization in Light of Anarchism, The


by Luigi Galleani

also contains a chonology of Luigi Galleani

Prison Abolitionist, The : Volume 1-3

ZINE 01.jpg

This is Volumes 1-3 of the Prison Abolitionist centered in Richmond, VA. We focus mainly on issues surrounding the oppressive institution of the prison industrial complex. This is an 8 page zine that is easily printed, folded and cut. Great to just stick in your pocket for great reference!