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Saul Newman - The Politics of Postanarchism

The Politics of Postanarchism

Saul Newman contends that anarchism's anti-authoritarian egalitarianism informs the ethical and political terrain of contemporary radical struggles, particularly the global movement of anticapitalism. Yet he also argues that anarchism relies on an outdated epistemology and calls for a new direction in anti-authoritarian and emancipatory politics.  read more »

School Sucks Poster

Wheat paste at schools and anywhere else

Science of Society


Nothing fancy as far as layout -- still working with that. Anyone knows an easy publisher for ubuntu let me know.

Scoundrel, The #2

The Scoundrel #2, Mar 2012

The March edition of The Scoundrel is out now, taking on the age of austerity, the cult of white victimhood and encouraging radical refusal. There’s also a feature on the militant feminist anti-imperialist movement, Rote Zora, whose actions inspire us to dust off our incendiary devices.  read more »

Scoundrel, The #3


It must be Spring cleaning time at The Scoundrel HQ because I’ve decided to say “Fuck it” to the usual format and have a good old rant instead. The April edition is an attempt to start critical analysis of anarchist efforts and suggest possible avenues for the future. Why do our efforts never come even close to disturbing business as usual?  read more »

Serum No. #2 - Desember 2010


Serum is supplement toward social war, a free publication of Kontinum -an autonomous anti-hierarchy group in Makassar, Indonesia, for an anti-capitalist anti-authoritarian struggle.

Sexuality as State Form


An essay bringing together anarchist and post-structuralist thought (esp Deleuze & Guattari) to question the very idea of 'sexual orientation.' It aims to make it clear why sexuality is an anarchist issue. Originally published as:

Heckert, Jamie (2011). "Sexuality as State Form" in D. Rousselle and S. Evren (eds.) Postanarchism: A Reader. Ann Arbor/London: Pluto Press.

Sin Jefes (Without Bosses)


by Ricardo Flores Magon

Since Predator Came: Notes from the Struggle for American Indian Liberation by Ward Churchill

Since Predator Came

This collection of essays provides a devastating portrait of the condition of Native America.  read more »

six letters addressed to you

six letters addressed to you cover

This was uploaded earlier but it was missing a page. Here is the fixed version.

The description in the previous posting:  read more »

six letters addressed to you


First published in 2010 this zine is composed of six handwritten letters addressed to unnamed recipients on a variety of topics ranging from Machiavelli and loneliness to Christianity and nature to addiction and unhealthy relationships to anarchy and nihilism to animals at the zoo to love and friendship.

Slaves to Duty by John Badcock, Jr.

Badcock, Jr.jpg

John Badcock, Jr was a British individualist anarchist who was actively involved in the "Free Currency" and Free love movements of the 1890s and who set himself against the prevailing altruistic and leftist currents of his time to proclaim the sovereinty of the individual.  read more »

Small Town Organizing for Anarchists

Cover: Small Town Organizing for Anarchists

This zine contains a wealth of helpful suggestions for anarchists living in small towns who want to create anarchy. Topics covered include finding other anarchists, deciding on what projects to work on, figuring out how to relate to liberals, and doing a distro--this zine is full of good ideas and advice.  read more »

Small Victories

small victories-1.jpg

Vegan chicken soup for the anarchist soul - stories about inspiring moments of resistance.

A zine from Aotearoa in the South Pacific.

Smashing the Orderly Party: an Anarchists' Critique of Leninism (READ)

Smashing the Orderly Party (Cover)


I would like to write down some thoughts regarding Leninism as a historical and theoretical position. I am writing to those who are willing to listen in hopes of refining a critique of authoritarian socialism. I do not have delusions that this short essay will convince anyone of something drastically outside of what they already believe or, at least, that is not my intention.  read more »

Society Against the State: Essays in Political Anthropology by Pierre Clastres

Society Against the State

"The thesis is radical," writes Marshall Sahlins of this landmark text in anthropology and political science. "We conventionally define the state as the regulation of violence; it may be the origin of it.  read more »

SolFed Industrial Strategy

Solidarity with Anarchist Comrades Imprisoned in Greece


from 325 Distro

a4 paper size folded vertically

Solidarity with Greek Anarchists


This flyer was handed out at a solidarity rally in Olympia WA in support of Greek anarchists Dec. 11, 2008. The flyer also mentions the death of Jose Ramirez-Jimenez who was shot to death by Olympia Police.