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Organisational Platform of the Libertarian Communists 1926


by Nester Mhakno, Ida Mett, Piotr Archinov, Valevsky, Linsky

formatted by Workers Solidarity Movement


Outrage: An Anarchist Memoir of the Penal Colony by Clément Duval

Outrage - Clément Duval

“Theft exists only through the exploitation of man by man…when Society refuses you the right to exist, you must take it…the policeman arrested me in the name of the Law, I struck him in the name of Liberty.”  read more »

Palestine, Mon Amour


by Alfredo M. Bonanno

Personal Recollections of the Anarchist Past


by George Cores

Peter Kropotkin - Chapters 1-3 of "The Conquest of Bread"

Chapter One: Our Riches
Chapter Two: Well-Being for All
Chapter Three: Anarchist Communism
Imposed for printing.

Platformism Without Illusions


by Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC)


Poland, 1990, October-November, News prepared by Black Alliance group

October-November 1990
news prepared by Black Alliance group

News From Poland

1. 17 October, Krakow

The group of Anarchist Federation in Krakow organized an anti-presidential demonstration during the election rally of Lech Walesa. The A.F. demonstration was attacked by skin-heads and the other supporters of Walesa.

2. 19 October, Warszawa  read more »

Political Pre-History of Love & Rage, The: Anarchist Struggle in the 1980s and 1990s

Pre-History of Love & Rage

This zine consists of a history of the broader anarchist context of the 1980s and 1990s out of which the Love & Rage anarchist network (later federation) emerged. It's republished to highlight a history which is largely lost and/or inaccessible, not to advocate for the federation model of organizing.  read more »

Post-Anarchism: A Reader (edited by Duane Rousselle and Süreyyya Evren)

post-anarchism reader

Post-anarchism has been of considerable importance in the discussions of radical intellectuals across the globe in the last decade. In its most popular form, it demonstrates a desire to blend the most promising aspects of traditional anarchist theory with developments in post-structuralist and post-modernist thought.  read more »

Preoccupied: The Logic of Occupation


Account of the New School occupation in New York.

Principle of Organization in Light of Anarchism, The


by Luigi Galleani

also contains a chonology of Luigi Galleani

Prison Memoirs by Alexander Berkman


Download: (9.25 mb)

Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist is Alexander Berkman's account of his experience in prison in Western Penitentiary of Pennsylvania, in Pittsburgh, from 1892 to 1906.

First published in 1912 by Emma Goldman's Mother Earth press, it has become a classic in autobiographical literature.

Problem of the Head, The (Tiqqun)


“The innate part of the failure that determines a collective enterprise like the avant-garde is its incapacity to make a world. All the splendors, all the actions, all the discourses of the avant-garde unceasingly fail to give it a body; it all happens in the head of the few, where the unity, the organic content of the ensemble flourish, but only for thinking, that is to say, externally.”

Proudhon & Anarchism


Queer Fire: The George Jackson Brigade, Men Against Sexism, and Gay Struggle Against Prison

A collection of interviews and historical documents by and about the George Jackson Brigade and Men Against Sexism, focusing on the many forms of queer struggle against prison society.


Red Emma Speaks: An Emma Goldman Reader (Edited by Alix Kates Shulman)

Red Emma Speaks

Alix Shulman has provided a truly elegant collection of Emma Goldman's speeches and writings. Shulman's introductions also display a rare and genuine knowledge of anarchist political thought. In her comments, Kates shows the relevance of Goldman's life and work for the contemporary world.  read more »

Remembering Rosemont

In my Mind's Eye

Remembering Rosemont

by Joseph Jablonski

Communicating Vessels, Issue 22, Fall-Winter, 2010 - 2011, page 18

FALL IN SPRING  read more »

Resolution on Libertarian Communism


as adopted by the Confederacion Nacional del Trabajo (CNT)

Zaragoza, 1 May 1936

Revolt #8


The coming of a new dawn

Revolt!: A Journal of Anarchy and Rebellion Issue #8

late Spring/ early Summer 1999