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Age of Conspiracy, The

The Age of Conspiracy

Looking back over the past decade, it appears that North American law enforcement agencies are increasingly utilizing conspiracy charges to target anarchists and others involved in radical communities. We’ve composed a review of recent conspiracy cases in hopes of analyzing this.

Anarchist Magic the Gathering Deck!

Anarchist Magic Deck (PRINT + BACKS)-1.jpg

No, you didn't read it wrong: it's an anarchist Magic: the Gathering deck fully laid out for printing! Nerdy anti-authoritarians everywhere, rejoice!  read more »

Anarcho-punk zine: PunkWay #8, 2013

Hello, comrade!

We are all units that can unite to create a just future. But all attempts are predetermined to fail, as long as these units are zeros.  read more »

Animal Dayz

Animal Liberation and Social Revolution


Original Text by Brian A. Dominck
Printed in 1995 by Critical Mass Media
Reprinted in 1997 by Firestarter Press
Redesigned and reprinted by Imagination
Justice Front in 2010

Animal Liberation and Social Revolution


a vegan perspective on anarchism
an anarchist perspective on veganism
by Brian A. Dominick
with Preface by Joseph M. Smith

B-GL-392-009/FP-000, Military Training, Volume 1, Fieldcraft

Fieldcraft is made up of the individual skills and techniques
used by soldiers in the field, which include movement, use of ground and camouflage in conditions of reduced visibility. These skills and techniques enable soldiers to maintain their own security while gaining advantage over the enemy.

Soldiers must master fieldcraft in order to ensure their own  read more »

Beasts of Burden


Capitalism, Animals, Communism

Beyond Animal Liberation

This is a collection of writings that critique the animal liberation movement and the corresponding lifestyle choice, veganism. We have spent extensive time working within the animal liberation movement in North America and our critique is highly influenced by our personal experiences.  read more »

Bite Back


What do sabs do now hunting is banned? ...Sab
Sheffield Hunt Saboteurs ...Biting Back!
February 2006 - UK

Blueprint, The


The Blueprint 2009

Fur Farm Intelligence Project: The Full Report

The Largest Collection of Fur Industry Intelligence to date.

Canival Against Vivisection

For the Carnival Against Vivisection on Saturday 6th September in
Ledbury against Sequani labs, a six-page program/newsletter has been
produced. It also works as a four-page program for anyone who prefers
printing A3 double sided.


Clean, green and cruelty free?


The True Story of Animals in New Zealand

by Catherine Amey 

compassion revolution


Contemplating A Veganarchist Society


In his 1995 pamphlet, Animal Liberation and Social Revolution, Brian A. Dominick attempts to demonstrate that social change must include an understanding of social relationships, as well as the relationships between humans, non-human animals, and nature.  read more »

Crazy Rasberry Ants as a Model for Revolutionary Struggle


This miniscule manifesto is a reworking of Jayson Tx's older zine, entitled "When the ants stop marching one by one". As with my other zine "For Chaos!, For the Wild!, For the Horde!, a goblincore primer", this zine is kind of a joke. But, you know, not really. Crazy Rasberry Ants are a wonderful model for revolutionary struggle and change. Hopefully, with a touch of humor and a sense of deep gravity, this zine shows how and why.



Cut The Sh*t - For Vegans, Anarchists & Other Radical Folk Who Smoke by Chickpea


Did you know that American Spirits cigarettes are tested on animals?

Did you know that some of the people picking your tobacco are children?

Did you know that it takes one tree to wrap 300 cigarettes with paper?  read more »

Earth Warriors are OK!

mgs zine 3.jpg

This was the last version of the anti-state repression zine published by EWOK! (Earth Warriors are OK!), a group that dealth with Midwest Green Scare repression from 2006-2010.

End Report on Animal Liberation Activities in North America (2008)


The entire 2008 year-end report (PDF File) compiled by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office: This report contains 2008 actions (including diagrams) as well as a discussion of future directions, and a prisoners and snitches section. If you'd like a hard copy edition of this report please e-mail

Endgame Volume 2: Resistance by Derrick Jensen

Endgame Volume 2 - Resistance

In Endgame Volume 2: Resistance, Derrick Jensen calls for determined and even violent resistance to environmental degradation. Jensen comes across in volume I as a provocative but personable philosopher-activist who in lyrical and witty writing bemoans species extinction, sullied air quality, shrinking icecaps, expanding deserts and vanishing forests wrought by humans.  read more »

Eric McDavid support zine for June 11th, 2012


Eric McDavid is an environmental activist, a writer of zines, a sometimes-poet and an almost always magician. He is a son, a brother, and an uncle. He is an amazing partner (although, maybe the author is a bit biased). He also happens to be an anarchist political prisoner.

This is the new zine that was distributed on the Never Alone Tour in the lead up to June 11th 2012.

Fight Speciesism! #1


The first issue features: occupations in Paris, Antispe vs. Novartis,
news from the UK frontlines, the Sequani Six trial, SHAC watch and more.

Fight Speciesism! #2

Solidarity Is A Weapon - Free Sean Kirtley

June 2008

Fight Speciesism! #3


The Solidarity Continues

July 2008

Fight Speciesism! #4


September issue of the latest anti-speciesist, anti-capitalist, abolitionist direct action news.

Fight Speciesism! #5


October issue of the latest anti-speciesist, anti-capitalist, abolitionist direct action news is out now. A roundup of solidarity, sabotage, liberations and global actions for animal & earth liberation. Antispeciesist Action is a collective of militant antispeciesists and animal rights activists committed to confronting animal abuse, suffering and exploitation of non-human beings through the use of direct action.  read more »

Fight Speciesism! #6


november 2008

Fight Speciesism! #7 - Out Now


January issue of the latest anti-speciesist, anti-capitalist, abolitionist direct action news is out now.


- In Memory of Barry Horne
- NYSE:LSR Under Attack
- Hunt Sabbing News
- Mink Released
- Insurrection in Mexico
- Letter from Sean Kirtley
- Whalers On The Run
- Global Roundup
- Telmex Campaign
- Uprising in Greece

Fight Speciesism! #8


Spring 2009 issue of anti-speciesist, anti-capitalist, abolitionist direct action news.

Articles: SHAC 7 solidarity, operation sinking ship, hunt sabbing, mink released, 'fashion' shop closed, liberationists arrested, max mara campaign, international actions, prisoner letters, police under attack, alf vs wageningen uni, prisoner support, monkeys fight back, netcu, bullring riots, aeta 4, earth liberation, mexican actions, whale wars, rioting in london and edo smashed.

Goin' Veg


Goin' Veg--an all-in-one guide to vegetarianism and veganism. Pass it on!

H.E.A.L. by The Infidel Collective - Flyer

The Infidel Collective Logo

H.E.A.L. stands for Human, Earth and Animal Liberation. We are all interconnected with one another and must recognize that every action we take has an effect on the world around us. Print out this flyer and post it everywhere.

Harvest of Dead Elephants, The - The False Opposition of Animal Liberation


"For us, destructive rebellion against this shit society is the only thing that holds any promise of liberation. We do not want bigger cages. We want to destroy all of them entirely."

brought to by some delinquents

Igniting a Revolution: Voices in Defense of the Earth edited by Steven Best and Anthony J. Nocella, III

Igniting A Revolution - Voices in Defense of the Earth

Global warming, acid rain, deforestation, air and water pollution are but a few of the overwhelming indicators that the earth's health is worsening. For decades, environmental groups have been resisting the destructive trends set by industry and government, but as the social and political climate has changed, popular protest movements have become less and less effective.  read more »

Itchy Feet II - Vegan ethics and world travel


Kadun Kuvalehti, hetkinen 1/2012 zine


A Finnish language counterculture zine.

Kadun Kuvalehti, hetkinen 1/2012 zine


A Finnish language counterculture zine.

Marie Mason support zine for June11th, 2012


Marie Mason has been involved in both environmental and labor struggles, has edited many radical publications, and has been involved in water rights, anti-infrastructure, anti-logging and anti- development projects in the Midwest, organizing above ground and clandestinely for the past 30 years.  read more »

Memories of Freedom


by the Western Wildlife Unit of the Animal Liberation Front

Nothing Humane About Animal Slaughter - By Shaun Riley


Often, the methods used to slaughter animals for human consumption are promoted as being “humane.” By using this euphemism, the meat industry justifies enslaving and murdering countless sentient animals, such as cows, pigs, and chickens each year in factory farms, while society lives with the guilt free illusion that cold-blooded murder can be carried out with compassion.  read more »

Selected Writings of Gender Anarky

Gender Anarky (Imposed)-1.jpg

selected writings of the Gender Anarky collective in the CA prison system.

for more information, check out:

Total Liberation #2


A biannual zine of vegan anarchy. Spring 2011

Download at: (22.4 mb)

Vegan/Vegetarian Passport

A DIY and English language version of the "vegan passport" (from the International Vegetarian Union), constructed in back-to-back booklet style.  read more »

Veganarchy Issue #1 - Summer 2009


Veganarchy Issue #1 - Summer 2009

Veganarchy is a free, independently published magazine, aka “zine.” It’s purpose is to provide an outlet for creatively-produced content regarding veganism, anarchism, and related issues. We accept submissions on a continual basis, so send us an email if you'd like to contribute!

Veganesimo ed economia


In tanti hanno detto e dicono che la politica si fa andano al supermercato quando si scelgono i prodotti e se credete a ciò siamo nei guai perché significa che il modo di Pensare del sistema è entrato in voi e si farà più difficile da estirpare.

Una critica al consumismo vegan che anche se "etico" è pur sempre consumismo.

Veganesimo ed economia


In tanti hanno detto e dicono che la politica si fa andano al supermercato quando si scelgono i prodotti e se credete a ciò siamo nei guai perché significa che il modo di Pensare del sistema è entrato in voi e si farà più difficile da estirpare.

Una critica al consumismo vegan che anche se "etico" è pur sempre consumismo.

Vivisection: Science or Sham


Roy Kupsinel, M.D. explodes the myth that animal research and its value to human health

Zine Esgurmitado de Marmitex Edição 06/2012

 read more »