Bananaboat 2

love or what?

okay so about love... love: to some people mean nothing at all. To some, it mean being swept of their feet having the best rest of their life. i for one don't think much of it. Probably because i am a thirteen year old who has barley been noticed by whoever she likes... A LOT! but i think that love can be a waste of time, is it not? i mean many women live half of their lives to be found by the 'perfect man' who probably doesn't even exist. you can think whatever you want but i for one am a sort of depressing person but hate crushing peoples spirits. if you would comment on this then we could have more of a discussion so please dont be afraid to rebel and tell the author her work is a pile of shit... maybe not so harsh but still i would not be offended if you criticized my work that's what i'm here for, babe.