Blockage: Occupied Joy


There is the head.
But, more so, there is the heart.
Then there is the body that we physically inhabit, that we possess (or posseses us?), that we feel through, that contains the brain and the heart and the lifeblood.
And there are our senses. We are sensual because the world is sensuous. The world is tactile. To live, to be alive is tangible, is a possibility, is something that is always open to risk and rebellion.

But we sense that something is wrong. That something feels wrong. What has become of this sensuous world that moves towards domination by the tasteless, the touchless, the sterile and the unappealing? This much seems obvious wrong.

If we look through the other end of the telescope however we can see that this unappealing world is not us, only that we are the world. But what has become of us? What are we becoming? How do we make the world continuously sensual?


Blockage: Occupied Joy
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