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Deleuze, Marx and Politics

Deleuze, Marx and Politics

Deleuze, Marx and Politics by Nick Thoburn is a fantastic book. It is now made available by us as a paginated PDF for all.  read more »

announcing The Anarchist Library torrent

A couple of months after the launch of, it is now possible to download the full content of the archive, using the bittorrent protocol. (See )

The size of the archive is about 550Mb and it contains an HTML version of each text along with our classic PDF edition. For those of you with discriminating taste, you can also use the torrent to download single batches of files, saving server bandwidth as well as room on your computer.  read more »

Anarchy Alive!


Anti-authoritarian Politics from Practice to Theory

by Uri Gordon

190 pages

A Domesticação Industrial - Leopold Roc

Leopold Roc - Domesticação Industrial-1.jpg

A Domesticação Industrial - Leopold Roc (Texto em Português)

Unseen, The by Nanni Balestrini


The early 1970s were years when Italian cities reverberated with political chants, wildcat strikes and utopian demands. Everlasting meetings convened in dry, dusty rooms full of cigarette smoke, with many of the young participants busy looking for ways to get by without regular jobs, spinning out their college careers. This was the time the Italians call the ‘Years of Conflict’ (gli anni di contestazione) or, more bleakly, the ‘Years of Lead’ (as in bullets).  read more »

Os Cangaceiros - La Domestication Industrielle


Ce texte revient sur deux siècles d’une industrialisation menée à grand train dans le processus d’expansion du capitalisme moderne, de son accompagnement par l’idéologie du progrès et du travail, ses multiples apôtres et relais, notamment parmi les souteneurs auto-proclamés de ceux et celles qui devaient faire les frais de cette domestication, les classes laborieuses. Il nous parle de la perte progressive d’autonomie, des diverses résistances à la construction de la société carcérale dans laquelle nous vivons, et contre laquelle d’autres se sont battus avant nous.  read more »

Croatian translation from Il Diavolo in Corpo


A translation in Croatian of "Il valore della vita" by Adonide, an article appeared in the Italian magazine Il Diavolo in Corpo. It's shipped in 2 flavors: one pdf for continuous reading (a5) for extracting and one imposed, ready for printing on a4 paper.

You can require the .tex sources contacting me via the contact form.

Croatian translation of The Anarchist Tension by Alfredo M. Bonanno


A translation in Croatian of this modern classic is out. It's shipped in 2 flavors: one pdf for continuous reading (a5) for extracting and one imposed, ready for printing on a4 paper.

You can require the .tex sources contacting me via the contact form.

Wandering of Humanity, The by Jacques Camatte


Original Black & Red Introduction  read more »

Prison Memoirs by Alexander Berkman


Download: (9.25 mb)

Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist is Alexander Berkman's account of his experience in prison in Western Penitentiary of Pennsylvania, in Pittsburgh, from 1892 to 1906.

First published in 1912 by Emma Goldman's Mother Earth press, it has become a classic in autobiographical literature.

Steal This Book Today


A modern survival guide

Vol. 1 2008

Download at: (21.1 mb)

525 pages

ABCs of Political Economy, The by Robin Hahnel

"I can think of no better advice than to read this book...It is a contribution of very great value." -- Noam Chomsky

"Robin Hahnel writes with clarity, originality, verve and a relentless moral passion." -- Robert Pollin, Professor of Economics and Co-Director, Political Economy Research Institute, University of Massachusetts

"[Hahnel] combines clear exposition and mathematical illustration with a compelling passion for progressive social change." -- Nancy Folbre, Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts  read more »



A new laying-out of the infamous text the French government described as a "handbook for insurrection."

(This one requires about half as much paper as the pdf on the site.)

I Remember December

I Remember December

I Remember December is a chapter from a novel in progress. The untitled book, is a collection of short stories about the spirits and places that have inspired Lawrence, through the first 36 years of his life. This short, focuses on the bond between grandchild and grandparent, and the loneliness of losing someone very dear to your heart at a young age.

Comrade Kropotkin


by Victor Robinson

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