Changes and Updates to the Site

Hey everyone, there are some recent changes and added features to the site.

We have over 900 zines available in our library. We also have archives of posters (11x 17"), flyers and books. All of these materials are free and ready to print.

Now that we have open publishing, people are regularly contributing zines to the collection. People are formatting images and text into zines the world hasn't seen before. Please include page numbers when you do.

We recently came up with basic instructions on how to scan a zine and make a pdf file. If people start scanning their own zine collections, this library will offer more reading materials from more places. Zines that rarly make it out of their own communities can now be shared on the internet.

Our Political Prisoner Solidarity Resources page continues to get updated regularly. This page contains a list of known political prisoners and POWS in the US, their addresses and support contacts. This page also has links to other websites and resources relating to state repression and political prisoners. Our zine library contains many titles in the categories Political Prisoners and Prisons and Police.

We are open to adding zines in any language to the site. Contact us to help build zine collections in non-English languages. Check out the Slovak and Czech section thanks to anticopyright. Our Spanish, French and Portuguese sections are not very useful yet. We are also looking into how to translate text on the site.

Our News Agreggator works now. Now we can take news from any news feed and form a river of international and anarchist news. It gets updated every hour. Contact us to suggest news feeds to add or remove.

The site now allows people to add comments to zines without having to login. We are not sure why people do not comment on the zines in this collection. We would like to have a zine discussion group if there is interest. We also have forums for people to express themselves if they choose to.

We changed domain names from to to rebuild the project. Due to many hackings, our own computer noobiness and our server host ignoring us, we decided to switch servers and learn how to build a php site ourselves. We started building this site using