Cheap Shots, Ambushes and Other Lessons: A Down and Dirty Book on Streetfighting by Marc "Animal" MacYoung

Before there was reality based self-defense, there was this book. The first book Marc MacYoung, fresh off the streets of Los Angeles, ever penned. Outrageous, raunchy, down and dirty, it is loaded with information about what it takes to survive long enough to get out of the street lifestyle. And it's information you won't get in a martial arts class.

Described by Iron Horse Magazine as "like pulling up a chair and a six pack with an old friend. A very twisted and dangerous old friend," this book pioneered the genre of ex-streetfighters explaining what it takes to survive.

This book was one of the first to introduce the concept that there is much more to surviving on the street than physical prowess or what fighting style someone knows. As Marc says about the writing: I wrote it for the scared 17 year-old kid I was. It contains all the stuff that I wished someone had told me ... including "It's okay kid, you can get through this."

Though his later books go into more detail on specific issues, this is a general how-to primer discussing such physical aspects as range, mobility, blocks, counters, punches, kicks and more; it also wanders into the realm of alpha vs. beta personalities, bullies, sucker punches, fights vs. combat, weapons, martial arts vs. streetfighting and much more. There also is a specific chapter "mostly for women" about dealing with the realities of violence.

Warning: This book was one of the first written when MacYoung was "coming out of the street lifestyle ("the Life"); offensive language, and an obvious display of "street attitude" are present. This is the very attitude you will face out there. The book is not for all readers. But the concepts are important, despite language and presentation.

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