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Life Under the Jolly Roger: Reflections on the Golden Age Piracy by Gabriel Kuhn

Life Under the Jolly Roger - Reflections on the Golden Age of Piracy

Dissecting the conflicting views of the golden age of pirates—as romanticized villains on one hand and genuine social rebels on the other—this fascinating chronicle explores the political and cultural significance of these nomadic outlaws by examining a wide range of ethnographical, sociological, and philosophical standards.  read more »

Like a Winter with a Thousand Decembers


On the recent Dec. 2008 uprising in Greece.

Little Monsieur Dupont Reader on Activism, Democracy, and Other Obstacles to Revolution, A



They saw the effects, but not the cause: A little Monsieur Dupont reader on activism, democracy and other obstacles to revolution.  read more »

Little Red Songbook, The


by the IWW

Living Learning

Living Learning Booklet web-1.jpg

Living Learning is the collected notes from an extraordinary series of discussions between militants of two key movements in contemporary South Africa, Abahlali baseMjondolo and the Rural Network. When, in late 2008, they made the decision to publish them, these authors explained that “this Living Learning is a living testimony and a record of how we made reflections and distinctions about what we face in life and in our learning. Living Learning is part of a living politics”.

Living My Life by Emma Goldman

Living My LifeEG-1.jpg

403 pages 

Los Angeles 1992: The Context of a Proletarian Uprising


from Aufheben #1

"April 29th, 1992, Los Angeles exploded in the most serious urban uprising in America this century. It took the federal army, the national guard and police from throughout the country five days to restore order, by which time residents of L.A. had appropriated millions of dollars worth of goods and destroyed a billion dollars of capitalist property."

Louise Michel (Rebel Lives) (Edited by Nic Maclellan)

Louise Michel

Louise Michel was the incendiary French leader of the 1871 Paris Commune. An anarchist and an irrepressible rebel, she spent much of her life on the run from police, in jail, or in danger of being locked away in mental asylums, as was the fate of so many feisty or defiant women. Known as "The Red Virgin," Louise was a great character from one of the greatest popular rebellions in history.  read more »

Mai 68 - Die Subversion der Beleidigten

Paris Mai 68

Dies ist ein Augenzeugenbericht aus dem Zeitraum zweier Wochen Paris im Mai 1968. Er gibt das wieder, was eine einzelne Person in einer kurzen Periode sah, hörte und entdeckte. Der Bericht erhebt keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit. Er wurde in Eile geschrieben und hergestellt; sein Anspruch ist eher die Information als die Analyse - vor allem schnell zu informieren.  read more »

MAI PIU' DISARMATO - Dichiarazione politica di Haris Hatzimichelakis (Cospirazione delle Cellule di Fuoco)


Dichiarazione politica di
Haris Hatzimichelakis

"La Cospirazione delle Cellule di Fuoco è un gruppo di guerriglia
anarchica che, attraverso strutture organizzate di attacco,
promuove l’obiettivo rivoluzionario. Siamo parte di un progetto
rivoluzionario basato sul presente ma con gli occhi fissi al futuro,  read more »



a compilation

Manifiestos y comunicados del movimiento revolucionario 26 de julio en Cuba


Manifiestos y comunicados escrito por el Movimiento 26 de Julio Cubano, encabezado por Fidel Castro, que derroco la dictadura de Batista en 1959. Importante para entender las condiciones que han llevado a la dictadura comunista estatal que existe hoy en dia.

Manifestos and communiques written by the July 26 Movement, headed by Fidel Castro, which overthrew the dictatorship of Batista in 1959. Important for understanding the conditions that have led to the current state-communist dictatorship in Cuba.

Mao Tse-tung - Theorie des Guerillakrieges

Die militärischen Schriften Mao Tse-tungs, von denen die drei umfang- reichsten hier in vollständigem deutschem Text (mit den Anmerkungen der aus dem Englischen übersetzten Originalausgabe) vorgelegt werden, gehö- ren zu den Schlüsselbüchern des Jahrhunderts. Ob in Vietnam jetzt, vorher in Algerien, Kuba oder eben in China: der Krieg hat sich verändert.  read more »

Mapuche Solidarity Demo - Information Flier


August 12th is a call-out day for solidarity actions with Mapuche political prisoners, who are nearing the one-month mark of a hunger strike. This is a double-sided half sheet flier that could be useful to hand out at a demo or event. One side is background about the Mapuche conflict and the other side is a statement from the prisoners at El Manzano Prison in Conception.  read more »

Martin Glaberman - Punching Out

Punching Out

Martin Glaberman's classic but hard-to-find pamphlet from 1952 on workplace organising.