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Monroe Park Campaign Fliers


2 different fliers for the campaign to keep Monroe Park open during renovations in Richmond Virginia. Monroe Park is where Food Not Bombs has served a free community meal for over 16 years.

Monroe Park Campaign Petition


The petition to keep Monroe Park open during renovations and a page to collect names and signatures on.
Richmond, Virginia
Food Not Bombs

Monsieur Dupont - Nihilist Communism: A Critique of Optimism in the Far Left

Nihilist Communism

Monsieur Dupont - Nihilist Communism: A Critique of Optimism in the Far Left (the religious dogma that states there will be an ultimate triumph of good over evil)  read more »

More, Much More


A collection of writings by Italian insurrectionary anarchist Massimo Passamani.

Untorelli Press
untorelli (at)

More, Much More: essays by Massimo Passamani


Mottoes and Watchwords

Mottos and Watchwords for circulation-1.jpg

Discussion paper on the role of revolutionary ideas in efforts to build organizations that fight for short term change now.

Mumia Abu Jamal

Free Mumia now!

Mumia Abu Jamal sitzt heute – Mai 2011 – seit 29 Jahren im Todestrakt in einem Hochsicherheitsgefängnis in Pennsylvania. „Unschuldig“ – wie nicht nur er selber oder seine Freunde immer wieder beteuern, sondern wie es zahlreiche Personen oder Institutionen als offenkundig erklären, nachdem sie sich mit dem „Fall Mumia Abu Jamal“ beschäftigt haben.  read more »

Nanterre, Here, Now


The events at Nanterre University during the general strike of May 68' in Paris is somewhat well documented. The continuation of the struggle in and around this specific university for a few years following May, is less remembered, if at all.  read more »

Never Work

Never Work

When Guy Debord of the Situationist International graffitied the slogan “Never Work!” onto the walls of a Parisian street in 1953, he struck a blow in solidarity with the radical current of left communism which locates the wage-labour relation as the central pillar of capitalist relations and therefore the prime locus of attack. It is, of course, a banality that we need to work in order to produce for our basic needs. But what is at question here is the naure of that work, for whom, andto what end? Useful work? Or useless toil?

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New American Resistance, The #2

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"The universal, material needs of humans are, at their most basic, very simple. It is the surrounding structures of authority, exploitation and domination that pervert these basic needs into an insidious means of coercion and control.  read more »

New World, A


by Class War Federation 

Newssheet of the Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement


The first issue of Solidarity, free monthly newssheet of the Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement.
This issue has a special feature on water issues across Aotearoa / New Zealand.

Download a pdf of the newssheet at or read the articles online at


* Not our crisis! Resist attacks on workers
* Water meters for Wellington?
* Profile: Auckland Water Pressure Group  read more »

No Boss News


issue 1
July 1997

No Justice No Peace

NO PIS-1.jpg

an eye witness account of the Los Angeles riots