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Ruckus UW Seattle Disorientation 2011


This is the Ruckus (dis)orientation guide to the University of Washington. It is an inversion of college orientation guides: it orients you about communities and cool activities around UW, and the things that are actually useful to know.  read more »

Rudi Dutschke - das Bild hinter dem Bild

Rudi Dutschke

"Die Anerkennung der Vergangenheit und die Beziehung zu ihr als einem Gegenwärtigen wirkt der Funktionalisierung des Denkens durch die bestehende Realität und in ihr entgegen.  read more »

Rules for Picketing

Rules for Picketing

Rules for Picketing was distributed at official union rallies and events during the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1181 school bus drivers’ strike in New York City in early 2013.  read more »



The conscious withdrawal of the workers industrial efficiency.

by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

Santos -- The Barcelona of Brazil


anarchism and class struggle in a port city

Kate Sharpley Library 2005

Season of Kisses and Sighs, The: Cuts and Protests against Cuts in Britain


This situationist text concerns the cuts in public spending currently being unrolled by Britain’s Conservative-Liberal Democratic coalition government and the developing movement of opposition to them. It has in mind those who are inclined to do nothing, as well as those drawn to struggles that seek to defend public jobs and services.  read more »

Seattle General Strike of 1919, The


notes from the Seattle Union Record

Serum No. #2 - Desember 2010


Serum is supplement toward social war, a free publication of Kontinum -an autonomous anti-hierarchy group in Makassar, Indonesia, for an anti-capitalist anti-authoritarian struggle.

Sex and Work


Essays by Silvia Federici and Lara Agustin.

1. On Sexuality as Work by Silvia Federici, 1975
2. Sex as Work & Sex Work Laura Agustín1

Stolen from the Commoner (, and reformatted and uploaded by an anarchist hooligan in the Central Sands bioregion of Wisconsin.

Sex, Class and Woman's Oppression


articles from Workers Solidarity


Sex, Race and Class


by Selma James

Sex, Race, and Class

sex race and class cover.jpg

“Nothing unified & revolutionary will be formed until each section of the exploited will have made its own autonomous power felt.”

Selma James

Shopfloor Struggle of American Workers


from a talk by Martin Glaberman