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The Struggle of the Mill Girls: Class Consciousness in Early 19th Century New England

A pamphlet using Marx's first volume of Capital to study the history of the class struggle of the Lowell and Lawrence young woman workers against the paternalistic capitalists. Perhaps serves as an intro to thinking of the concrete application of Capital's categories.

The Wobblies: an Introduction to the Industrail Workers of the World

print on legal size paper (quadfold)

Their Passed-away Builders: The "Credit Crunch"


Written from a situationist perspective, the text examines the collapse of the neo-liberal variant of capitalism as a moment of choice. It looks at some of the factors that have bred submission to neo-liberalism, some of the mystifications that are now arising about the 'credit crunch', and some of the capitalist ideologies that may come to succeed neo-liberalism. It poses the question of who is to make the choice now before us: them or us?

This Is Not A Manifesto — Ideas Towards An Alternative Design Practice

Alternative Design Practice-1.jpg

Zine about the role of Graphic Design in Capitalism, and some possible alternatives towards a more libertarian/anarchist direction. Also includes a critique of The First Things First Manifesto of 2002. Produced by Garage Collective.

This is not a manifesto: Towards an anarcho-design practice (2011 version)


If graphic design is understood as the expression and reflection of a particular set of values, systems and interests, then most artistic practice today tends to express the interests of the class that controls and profits from society. It is these interests that dominate the standards of value in design, defines its emphasis, and excludes its more subversive, egalitarian alternatives.  read more »

Throwing Garbage: In Support of Garbage Workers


One-page zine for passing out to anyone involved in garbage-related things. Two highlights on history of Memphis strike in 1968 and the Young Lords' Garbage Offensive in 1969. To print as zine, go to Print Settings and select Booklet printing options.

Tiqqun - This Is Not a Program

This Is Not a Program

Historical conflict no longer opposes two massive molar heaps, two classes—the exploited and the exploiters, the dominant and dominated, managers and workers—between which, in each individual case, it would be possible to differentiate. The front line no longer cuts through the middle of society; it now runs through each one of us... "—from This Is Not a Program  read more »

To Libertarians (a much nicer version)


"Organizations pass, but subversion will never stop being loved."

A great text about prisoners and solidarity, released under the moniker "International Friends" in August 1980 and currently attributed to that Debord guy. Signed by 25,000 people upon it's release, it plead for the release of Basque political prisoners in the spirit of revolutionary solidarity.  read more »

To Remember Spain

To Remember Spain-1.jpg

by Murray Bookchin, full book as zine, printable within reason

Tote Genossinnen und Genossen


Militante Linke-RAF-2.Juni-RZ - Die, die fehlen- Zeitleiste  read more »

Towards A Constructive Anarchism: the strategy of Beyond Resistance


Towards A Constructive Anarchism: the Strategy of Beyond Resistance (

Collated, ready to print PDF.

Towards a New Situationist International

Towards a New Situationist International-1.jpg

A call for the creation of a new international association of situationist revolutionaries, as one response to a very dismal world.

Towards an American Revolution

Towards an American Revolution-1.jpg

This book is a must-read for anyone serious about creating real, lasting change in the world today. It exposes the myths and lies about the U.S.  read more »

Trade Unions and Revolution


a South African Pamphlet


Trangressive Ability

In my own words, I explain how society treats men like we're disabled women and how to fight back at those stigmas. I think it is reasonable to offer my discourse as well.