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Worker's Rights Manual for Washington State, 2nd Edition

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This manual is intended to be an easy-to-use reference on workplace rights. When workers know what their on-the-job rights are, they can protect themselves and fight effectively against possible employer abuse.

This is our second printing of the manual. It contains new information and resources, current as of March 2008. We have learned that the laws on workplace rights change a good deal in a year. We will try keep the online long, unabbreviated version of the guide updated (see below).  read more »

Worker-Student Action Committees: France May 1968 by Fredy Perlman and Roger Gregoire


An in-depth look at the worker-student action committees of France May '68

Taken from the excellent John Gray site -

Workers Autonomy


Originally Compiled by Elephant Editions


Workers' Councils by Anton Pannekoek

Workers' Councils

Contemporaries across the spectrum of Left thought, from Antonio Negri to Noam Chomsky, are falling over each other to claim the mantle of Left Communism. Left Communism is the theory and practice of worker control and self-organization whose adherents provided the main opposition to the Bolsheviks.  read more »

Working Sucks


by Tim Righteous

Download At: (9.62 mb)

Working Women and their Organizations


150 Years of Struggle
by Joyce Maupin

Download At: (9.49 mb)

Wreck of the Sea Venture, The


Ship wrecks, class struggle in the New World, anarcho-primitivism in the 1600s, utopia realized. Excerpted from The Many-Headed Hydra by Peter Linebaugh and Marcus Rediker.

“What hath a more adamantine power to draw unto it the consent and attraction of the idle, untoward, and wretched number of the many than liberty and fullness of sensuality?”

Writings of Lucy Parsons, The


Selected writings by Lucy Parsons, wife of Haymarket martyr Albert Parsons and IWW organizer. Includes: "Principles of Anarchism" and "To Tramps."

Yes, this is a strike! Yes, this is class war!


From winter 2012 Quebec student strike & struggle. This flyer comes from McGill University.

Your Politics are Boring as Fuck


CrimethInc.'s essay "Your Politics are Boring as Fuck" in zine format for distro.