Coming Community, The

Are you falling asleep every night trying to figure out that tiqqun shit. Insurrection jargon giving you a head ache cause you can't tell whats cool and how to apply it to your life. Still don't know what the whatever singularity is. We here at F.A.G. Got just the product for ya. THE COMING COMMUNITY, TCC magically heals all headaches, all back aches and, will put you to sleep on those hard to sleep nights. For just 1 easy free download you get some deeper depth in getting all whatever and shit. We here at F.A.G. want yall to try one of the books that those invisible committee kids are getting fucked up better then meth and X at a circuit party. We even double dog dare yall to print and read with friends then have a discussion over lunch or dinner. We suggested candles and mood music to get all seductive to.


*TCC will not cure any physical ailments and may even cause a headaches. Currently we are field researching whether it is better the meth and x at a circuit party.

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