Feral Revolution writings of Feral Faun

Feral Revolution / new (half-letter sized) layout

We did this far better layout of our Feral Revolution complation back in 2006 but never posted it online. Now is 2008, and we're no longer distributing this zine, because of its intellectually simplistic and exceedingly individualist nature. Or maybe we're just sick of having to put up with the kind of self-absorbed teenagers that Feral Revolution often seems to give rise to. Here are the PDF's, for those who may want to keep it in print. Enjoy.

~Quiver distro~
(contact us if you want to source files)

Feral Faun was the pen-name of a frequent contributor to anarchist publications in the United States from about 1982 to 1992. His thoughtful, exploratory essays pose many challenges to radicals, urging the reader to
delve deeper in their questioning, and provoking many an ideologue in to an impotent outrage. His remarks may be at times flippant and extreme, but they are always offered as catalysts for ongoing discussion, not as last words or condemnations.
Most of the essays in this ‘zine were taken from back issues of the magazine Anarchy: A Journal Of Desire Armed (“AJODA”), to which Feral Faun contributed articles and a regular column called The Iconoclast’s Hammer. Since laying the feral pseudonym to rest, the author has continued with many writing and publishing projects, often employing the name “Wolfi Landstreicher”. Wolfi edits the insurrectionary anarchist journal Willful Disobedience and works on Venomous Butterfly Publications, a translating/ publishing effort currently based in Portland, OR.

feralrevolution-imposed.pdf4.11 MB
feralrevolution-read.pdf4.1 MB


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