Liberty (1881- 1908) Vol. #1 and 2

Volume 1

This collection - the complete 411 issue run of Liberty/Libertas - was scanned by Shawn P. Wilbur. A complete index of the journal has been compiled by Wendy McElroy and can be accessed at

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The American periodical Liberty, edited and published by Tucker from August 1881 to April 1908, is widely considered to be the finest individualist-anarchist periodical ever issued in the English language. Over its twenty-seven year life span, during which it issued first from Boston and then from New York (1892), Liberty chronicled the personalities and the shifting controver- sies of radical individualism in the United States and abroad.

It also fostered those personalities and controversies. The scroll of contributors to Liberty reads like an honor roll of nineteenth-century individualism: Lysander Spooner, Auberon Herbert, Joshua K. Ingalls, John Henry Mackay, Victor Yarros, and Wordsworth Donisthorpe are only a partial listing. Speaking with a cosmopolitan and avant-garde voice, Liberty also published such items as George Bernard Shaw's first original article to appear in the United States, the first American translated excerpts of Friedrich Nietzsche, and reports from economist Vilfredo Pareto on the political conditions in Italy.

Of seminal importance in the history of individualist ideas, Tucker's periodical also served as the main conduit of Stirnerite egoism and of radical Spencerian thought from Europe to America. As such, Liberty was both an innovator in individualist theory and a mainstay of that tradition.

The periodical was also remarkable for the consistently high quality of its content and for the clarity of its style. The issues debated within its pages have a sophisticated, almost contemporary, ring, and the discussions ranged from radical civil liberties to economic theory - from children's rights to ques- tioning the basis of rent and interest. Contributors to Liberty, as well as other individualists who published articles elsewhere, often found themselves on the defense against Tucker's intransigent demand for 'plumb line' consistency in all things.

As a professional journalist, Tucker also insisted upon a clear, precise style and he took great pride in raising Liberty far above the standards for layout and grammar that were employed by most other radical periodicals of the day.

- Wendy McElroy, "Benjamin Tucker, Liberty, and Individualist Anarchism"

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