I've been talking about this for many years....

Hello people!

I've been talking about Queer politics, and even Gay Supremacy, for many, many years. I've been interested in it, I've promoted it, and I'm a believer. I'm a total believer. I've read Genet. I've read a lot of Genet. I've read Foucault. I agree with nearly everything you wrote about in your charming 'zine.

However, answer me one thing.

I lived in Milwaukee. I met other gay men. I met other queer men. None of them, not one of them, were at all interested in befriending me in any real sort of way.

After reading a lot of queer manifestos, and even having written one or two, it seems to me that though it's nice to have these notions and discuss them, unless queer guys/gals gay guys/lesbians begin to form bonds, REAL emotional affectional bonds, with one another OUTSIDE of and IN SPITE of race, cultural, class, educational lines, none of this is going to happen.

And that means that the middle class gays/queers need to bond with the poor ones, and that the black ones need to bond with the white ones, and that the "cool hip" ones need to bond with the "square" ones, and that the fat ones need to bond with the skinny ones, and vice versa. Unless actual people in the streets actually DO the emotional work needed to bond with other people outside of their culturally defined boxes, then any talk, any theory, any rhetoric will be useless. It will be just so much babble.


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