john graham

John Graham has been framed. Clearly. They extradited him to usa with NO evidence. one witness the prosecution claimed was ready for trial and testimony against John had been dead for months. the statements of serle chapman, aka informant "sierra" were "evidence" for extradition. serle claims john confessed or admitted guilt. funny how his tape recorder which had taped his entire interview with John was conveniently turned off during this 'admission'. in May of 09 at a hearing in rapid city Chapman was proved to be lying. After being paid over 60,000 for his "evidence" Chapman is now not even being used as witness at a future trial. they say Graham confessed to medicine man Al Gates. John apparently told Gates he felt bad about what happened to Anna Mae. Not exactly an admision of guilt unless, like the prosecution and their heresay repeating witnesses, you take this statement out of context and make it fit your theory. pretty lame and outright sick to do this to an innocent man. Arlo Looking Cloud's confession against Graham was obtained by the lead investigator's wife Kamook. Who used to be with AIM leader Dennis Banks (now being accused as giving order to exeucute Anna Mae) until she found out Anna M. was having an affair with Banks and that Banks truly loved Anna Mae) and is now married to Ecoffey (the investigator who opened this investigation after 30 years because he had a "vision"). Kamook and Troy Lynn Yellowwood (as revealed in gov't informant tapes transcribed and used in court documents online at told Looking Cloud (while his mind was admittedly 'foggin' from drugs) that Graham had implicated looking cloud nd that he needed to get back at Graham. They fed ARlo the confession he was to make and told him 'bring someone along when you give statement so you don't get dragged into something ugly). Arlo outright asks 'who should I all implicate" Kamook Ecoffey replied 'only john boy'. Arlo's videotaped confession by Ecoffey shows Ecoffey ignoring Looking Cloud's answers and putting the correct ones in his mouth. Arlo is obviously drunk during this "confession". the 30 witnesses against Looking Cloud and Graham repeated heresay only at Looking cloud's trial and inconsisent heresay at that. It is asounding that Looking cloud, with his history of drug abuse and admission that investigators actaully gave him drugs, his unreliability, his drunken confession and clear proof he was fed this confession, is now doing life in prison and ready to testify against Graham for leniency that will never come to him. They tricked Arlo, they framed Graham, they framed Dick Marshall, they are framing Thelma Rios. This needs to be stopped. It's sick and it's wrong.


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