meanwhile back on the home

meanwhile back on the home front insanity ala cincy style

Now about the violence. There is much potential there for something- maybe- if only people would fucking LISTEN! I've been mad at myself for giving up on the communication but just like its been even before the riot no one even listens, not to their own fucking community, not to anyone, and not even to Reverend Damon Lynch. That equals being powerless. I know deep in my soul from riding those streets pre riot that this situation is only going to get worse until things start really falling apart.
Outsiders: the reason Cincy's African American population is both unique and screwed is because the white culture of ignorance and laughing at knowledge trickles down with the materialism and all else. What's more testosterone and grudges galore with absolutely no information floating around beyond Nation of Islam and the Christian church.That's means NO MUMIA AWARENESS, little panther activity- its far different than other more information rich cities.

People here don't know anything and won't listen. I don't know exactly why but i think it is both contrived and part of our culture. We laugh at new ideas, everyone does it here and this keeps things behind the times here. However these people could prolly achieve a hell of a lot if they knew how to channel that energy in a good way. I'm sort of getting that many people are working hard to make sure that doesn't happen. This is why I have to fight tooth and nail over a stupid bike, when its all I have to get around, because these guys only laugh when you talk politics, green stuff. Think they will only listen to outsiders- they do just that sometimes. For the rest of us, we get as much shit as their own community because the rage has to go somewhere and well when it comes out like this nothing good comes from it. Ever. These people are actually pretty great when people come from out of town and care. They don't trust anyone in the city even if they are stuck here from other places, better places.

This about says it. Beyond this, baby if you want your revolution you need to come here or some place like detroit. Preaching to people who drive volvos and raise gardens about revolution is one hell of a long shot. Take your skinny white ass out on the road.

But the reason I am so captivated by all this is that even when people were hurting me i saw the emotion, the cry for help that is behind all of this. This black on black violence spills over everywhere AND IT STARTED RIGHT AFTER THE RIOTS AND DIDN'T CEASE. I would not be a person worthy of breathing if I did not attest to this fact which is backed insanely fully by statistics. Now regionally no one, especially white people are going to admit this is the cause. Sticking heads up asses has been the new cool there for 10 years now. Seeing only a handful of ragtag activists get targeted and driven out of town, even to the point that their friends and acquaitences get shit is disturbing. Ignorance is the fuel that runs cincy, the magic bullet for the po-po and the powers that be and this is why these efforts against us take place.

I know and love the people of the black community. I do it with the steadfastness that me, as friends of mine have taken violence humbly and quietly to not feed the beast. I've lived in this city most all of my life, more it more intimately, painfully, and passionately because of the bike. Therefore I KNOW HOW TO UNDO THE HARM THAT IS WAGED AGAINST THE TRUE PEOPLE OF THE CITY, NOT THE SUBURBANITES WHO ENFORCE THEIR RULE UPON US.

Sometimes I think, who cares. It isn't like anyone shows up here from outside until there's a major event like a riot or election. People from tame locals where people willingly go green and are politically and radically active think just a mere eyeroll will do the trick and my city will save itself. IT DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY HERE!!!

Get worldly, get off your asses. When I left town some brothers from Bond Hill asked me to buy a rap CD, a positive rap CD. They saw my out of state stuff and knew I was leaving. People there know the answers lie outside our region. They in essence instilled a charge for me to do something, to send a message out. All the anger, all the grudges over what is often murderous rage goes forgiven always. Love is the way out. Living there and seeing beyond the chaos and reading between the lines and ferreting out the manipulations- this is what its all about. I always regard the black community like my brother in a dysfunctional family. I get irritated he kicks me all the time and picks on me but I let it slide because I know Dad's hitting him with the belt every night. Love is there but not said.

Please understand, please, please help. These people may have limited knowledge but they are smart as hell. They are probably the only people I left there respecting save for only a handful of white people and with no knowledge and no one to carry it out there to people beyond my futile one man show, and ill fated show thanks to the CPD, and with other activists leaving mad enough to burn the entire city, I think you need to see the potential there. So peace out, listen to WAIF on friday evenings at to get a sense of our unique community. It is unique. We'd save it ourselves but corruption reigns supreme. Don't roll your eyes- this is what started this- people thinking they could forget about this place and that it doesn't matter. You aren't just fucking over white conservatives by blowing off my city- you are fucking over the only people I have faith in right now. So peace and all but don't get to caught up in thinking what you know is universal. It just fucking isn't. Knowledge means nothing if it is not shared.


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