Doing the Commodity Form Right

Let's be clear about what's going on here.

1. You've come to a website intended for the free distribution of virtual texts and uploaded a document that's designed to frustrate easy printing (the full color-ness, the layout, the pagination, etc). Which means, if someone wants a physical copy of this thing, they need to get it from you or do some tedious photoshop editing, printing and assemblage.

2. You're sending out free copies of the physical thing to a chosen readership. Which means, proper physical copies of this will be rare and anyone who doesn't get one hasn't met some undefined criteria, ie you've created a situation of high demand and low supply.

3. You're obviously enamored with irony and duplicity. Which means, when you say "we're doing the commodity form wrong" you probably understand that what you're actually doing is the commodity form in the best way possible in this context.

I know you're interested in "being better capitalists" (as in: ripping off capital more than capital rips us off) but you've either confused yourselves (cuz you're not ripping off capitalist forms, you're re-inserting them) or you're aiming low (cuz you're undermining and attacking the weak targets in the community of resistance, rather than the powerful targets in the mainstream society).

In short: I'd like to see you take your duplicity and sabotage to a large corporate marketing firm where you can do some real damage.


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