Man Who Could not be Hanged, The (and other True Incredible Stories from Charles Fort)

Here I've compiled some accounts of the paranormal that may interest anarchists, especially those interested in the power of the mind and the nature of the spirit. I've prefaced them with a short rail against the scientific paradigm inspired and accompanied by Charles Fort, English poet and "the man who invented the supernatural." (Although, of course, the supernatural is simply the natural which is rejected by science!)

Is the world wonderful? Of course. And some umbelievable things happen in our universe--like life, for instance. Charles Fort collected thousands of instances of the incredible happening, and if one can be convinced of their legitimacy (many are sited from newspapers) then we may have to accept a worldview that is closer to the oral poetry that humans have shared since pre-his-story than the pretensious models of rational, civilized science.

The unexplained and the criminal seem to be in cahoots. Judges die mysteriously, banks are robbed impossibly, and some thieves seem to not even exist! Amazing creatures are reported from all over the world (all of which, like all other life forms, are facing extinction (praying it's not too late already)). I hope this collection makes a good travel read and helps anyone who still thinks that rationality is the ultimate virtue of mankind to reevaluate their stance.

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