Ok, alot of things in here

Ok, alot of things in here are old and will not work, besides there are more clever ways of going about this which I will not mention since anyone can be reading this...anyone!
You mention stealing from the middle class and that is totally wrong because the middle class is the hardest working class of all. The poor don't even work that hard because, hey they get alot of free stuff from the govt. The rich doesn't work period because they ripped all the money from the middle class, and made the poor...poor forever. But the middle class is the one that puts up with all the shit and works the goddamn hardest, so leave them alone! So if you want to steal, steal from the rich only.
Lastly, there is something alot better than stealing, and that's stealing the LEGAL way, hey rich people steal legally all the time, they invented the method, why not used it back on them?
I suggest you write a book on how to legally fuck up the rich, like a file a lawsuit on the corporation or somewhere along that line.


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