An Open Letter to Police Everywhere.

To be distributed in coffeeshops, precinct offices, foreclosure defenses, local newspapers and anywhere else police might find it.

Printing instructions: copy it onto its own backside, cut the sheets in half, fold each half in half to make a nice direct and eye catching little 1/4 sheet sized flyer that opens vertically with the title on the cover and the text inside. Put stacks on cafe counters, or tape it shut and put a stamp and address on the back to send it through the mail at postcard rate. Probably a bad idea to hand it to an officer in person, as some hard-ass cop might read it as an implied threat.

The police are not a uniform monolith. They are a collection of individuals, full of human features: doubt, uncertainty, complex motives and mixed loyalties. The divisions between them can be highlighted, and expanded. Their ranks can be divided and their power undermined.

"Once the army engages, the outcome is precipitated. Everyone finds themselves forced to take sides, to choose between anarchy and the fear of anarchy. An insurrection triumphs as a political force. It is not impossible to defeat an army politically." - The Coming Insurrection.

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