Screenplay Treatment Bomb Antarctica

By Rath Avens (Word Count: 2533)

Bomb Antarctica is the story of Aniya, a young woman anarchist insurgent. Her father Petru, is the head of The Base Alliance that dominates the drugs/guns trade in Europe and the Middle East . Aniya works for Base Alliance and for the Anarcho-Islam (AN-IS) network. She collects info about groups and keeps her eyes out for traitors and recruits. She's a bit burned out on the insurrection. She does things her own way. Her best friend Avril is a Kurdish woman who works for AN-IS. Avril's father arranged the purchase of nuclear bombs for AN-IS before Al Qaeda could buy them. Avril works in the background to keep an eye on Aniya and the traitors who are after her friends.
Aniya's ex-lover, Nicu, calls her to get some help on a drug deal. They haven't seen each other in years since he quit the revolution and hooked up with Sarah and her 11 year old daughter, Kirsten. Aniya doesn't do drug deals anymore and she doesn't trust Nicu. She agrees to help him this one time, but he'll owe her big time. She knows that turning-point events like the bombing of Antarctica are about to happen. She worries that it may be months before she's back in Bratislava. Nicu is also quite convincing when he tells Aniya the drug deal is for his daughter. Kirsten is really Nicu's stepdaughter and actually Aniya's half-sister. But we do not know all of that for some time.
The drug deal goes wrong. Unexpected aid from Avril and an AN-IS sniper team help Aniya and Nicu escape with a jump out of a three story window. Aniya's laser earring is the key to her safety more than once. Aniya and Nicu flee on the back of a truck. Over a railroad bridge Aniya forces Nicu to jump onto a train. They make it and Aniya confronts Nicu with murder in her eye.
Nicu confesses everything. His wife and daughter are Al Qaeda hostages... Nicu admits that he's a loser. Aniya decides to trust him or help him out at least. They arrive at the house where his wife was last held and find a massacre. His wife and several relatives lie dead. Kirsten is missing. Nicu cries and says he'll do whatever Aniya wants. She accepts him and they head for an AN-IS meeting on the other side of the walls.
They start to re-bond as they hike the alleys and camp in some ruins on the way to the meeting. They talk of old times and mistakes. Avril and a friend, Damiana, arrive in the morning. They walk and talk before the meeting. Aniya struggles with her commitments to the insurrection, her father and her friends. She is kind of a loner, but also a helpful person who cares about her friends and even her ex-boyfriend loser, Nicu.
Nicu can't go into the meeting room, so he waits in the hallway and reads posters and graffiti. He thinks about his mistakes. Aniya meets Courtney, a hippie girl spy-catcher who has been of use to AN-IS. Warnings go around between Avril and Aniya. Avril delivers a message from Aniya's father. Aniya is to meet him at the train station. Her father, Petru pretends to be angry at Aniya's antics in the shoot out trap with Nicu. Aniya asks Avril to check out the people involved in the DU ammo theft the previous year.
Aniya and Nicu go to meet with her father. On the way they recon a suspected Al Qaeda safehouse. They see Victor with an Iranian arms dealer. Victor is Aniya's father's right hand man. He's an Iranian Kurd and turns out to be an anti-hero traitor... well-meaning but with poor judgment. On the way to the train depot Aniya instructs Nicu in urban warfare. Petru cancels the meeting. Anarcho scouts deliver a message that Aniya is to proceed to Lubijilana. Aniya is a bit disoriented by the change in plans and sends a slightly coded message to Avril about more suspected traitors. They hop a train and sleep for a few hours in the Lubijilana train depot.
They walk around the town and wait to hear from her father. Avril is in Lubijilana on the trail of Courtney. Avril almost shoots Courtney in an alleyway. The spy escapes in a taxi cab headed toward Zagreb. Aniya and Nicu see Courtney leave and they grab a cab to follow.
In Skopje, Nicu and Aniya accept each other and their mutual trust grows. They walk up on a hill to watch a storm develop, just like they used to do in the old days. They wait to hear where the meeting will take place with Petru, but the phones are on the blink. Some issues are left up in the air. Traitors and danger lurk in many places and people. They go to a Suicide Penguin: Bomb Antarctica theatrical play in the main plaza.
One of Victor's agents approaches Nicu and shows him a video of his daughter. A fake text comes in for them to meet Aniya's father. Nicu tries to dissuade her from the meet. Luckily some anarcho-punks spot Aniya and call Avril. Ninja's for both sides move along alleys and windows. Nicu and Aniya arrive at an old church that is the meeting place. It's a trap and Aniya is about to be tortured and killed when Nicu gets out a hidden gun and Avril and her ninjas storm the building. Courtney gets away again. The rescue results in injuries to two of Avril's friends.
AN-IS and Anarcho fighters go out to dinner. Some of them head out through a tunnel to a van that takes them to a secret farm. Despite Nicu's withholding of information, no one questions him and Aniya only teases him. They load up trucks with what are supposed to be fake bombs and a fake Aniya. But the trucks have the real bombs on board. These are the biggest nuclear bombs that the anarchists have. Once in Albania, a plane will take the bombs to Antarctica. While this double ruse is carried out, Aniya, Avril and Nicu talk together over wine on a raised deck. They talk about the trip and what will happen for the next few days. Aniya cuddles up next to Nicu and tells him to shut up and hold her.
The movie changes tempo and the scene takes advantage of new light and camera work. This new direction and feel builds to the climax. Avril, Nicu and Aniya travel on an old public transit bus across Macedonia toward their final destination in Greece. The bus breaks down halfway. Aniya and Nicu go on a picnic. They want to be alone and explore their new relationship.
At the next town Avril meets with some young men. They buy food in the market because it's the last stop before the border with Greece. When they board the bus, Avril gives Aniya the sign that the takeover will happen soon. Aniya and Nicu share mellow moments as they look out the bus window. The countryside goes by. Soon they cross an old bridge and see a pickup truck speed up behind them. The pickup truck stops at the bridge and a few minutes later the bridge blows up. The bus people crane their necks to see what happened. The bus slows down and Avril pulls out her pistols and takes over the bus.
In a rare moment of conflict, Aniya chides Avril because Avril doesn't want to take along a young couple who have chosen to join the Insurrection. In the end the couple come on the bus as the rest of the passengers go back down the hill. Soon the liberated bus encounters a group of bandits. They turn out to be Anarcho militia scouts who have seen Aniya's father. A mid-level commander, Anton, decides to come on the bus too. He flirts a bit with Avril who is the bus driver.
Avril tells a story of how she helped get the nuclear bombs in Kurdistan. Suddenly they are attacked by a fighter jet. They drive into an old cave that turns out to be a secret tunnel. On the other end of the tunnel they find the Lost Children. Both groups are surprised, cautious and then welcoming and friendly. They share food. The Lost Children build up the campfire. Anton plays a song on the guitar.
Avril introduces Aniya to the crowd of Lost Children. Avril wants Aniya to practice for a big speech she might have to give in Greece. Once Antarctica blows up, the Insurrection enters a critical phase. Many speakers and new leaders will be needed as some will be targeted and lost. Next Avril speaks for a minute and then drags Tamarra up to make a speech. She is one of the smartest of the Lost Kids and Avril wants to use her in Greece.
They head down to Thessaloniki with Tamarra and three Lost Children friends. They watch the farms go by. Aniya and the new kids study The Winds of Insurrection war booklet. Anton gets off at an Anarcho checkpoint. In Thessaloniki they have breakfast at a large Anarcho safe house and examine new communication devices. Anton arrives with a group of armed youth who have come to pick up the bus full of explosives. On a whim Avril and Anton agree that Tamarra should be an alternate speaker at the big rally in Patras. Tamarra and two of the Lost Children leave with the bus kids to study explosives. Avril, Aniya and Nicu head off to the big meetup of Anarcho and AN-IS groups down the hilly streets in Thessaloniki. They borrow scooters and motorbikes from the bus kids and travel with another group of Anarchos who go to attack an Al Qaeda compound nearby.
The two groups split up. At the meeting site Avril, Nicu and Aniya are met by a huge explosion. An RPG hits the building where their friends and comrades are at. Nicu thinks that he spotted Petru or Kirsten go by in a car. He takes off after them on a better motorcycle. Anton watches the scene from the top of a nearby building. His communication device registers a jam and he knows something is up. He comes down and jumps in a taxi with Damiana who has just arrived with a sniper rifle. As the car with Petru moves out of the area a text comes in about Petru's kidnapping. Soon Anton's communication device registers a jam again and he knows that it must come from the car he follows.
At the meeting site chaos and confusion abound. Avril gives orders and then takes off at a run around the building. She arrives just as the Anarcho squad that hit the Al Qaeda compound returns to the meeting site. Avril finally catches Courtney and begins to torture her for information. Courtney screams and then gives in. She tells them to look on her phone and they see pictures of Zara and Demaho on a rooftop as they laugh and hug. Avril steps harder on her head and pushes a piece of flaming plastic toward Courtney's face. She demands to know where the building is where Petru is held. Just then a text comes in from Anton that gives the likely location of the Al Qaeda hideout. Avril doesn't have time so she shoots Courtney in the head and stalks into the meeting after Zara.
Meanwhile Petru talks briefly to Kirsten who is in the kidnap car.
Avril confronts Zara and drags her away blindfolded to the Al Qaeda warehouse where Petru is held. Aniya, Zara and another soldier go with Avril into a sewer tunnel that Zara reveals is a secret entrance. Inside the Al Qaeda warehouse Demaho threatens Petru and tries to make a deal. Demaho has stolen the backpack bombs that the anarchists plan to use in Panama. He needs the arming codes from Petru. When Petru sees a sewer grate open a crack he knows that a rescue is imminent. He agrees to Demaho's deal and tells him to press a key on the phone to hear the codes for the bombs. Demaho listens carefully and then the phone blows up along with his head.
A fierce gun battle erupts. Aniya and Avril make the difference. Petru insists that Avril and Aniya take the backpack bombs to the roof even as shots ring out. A dramatic moment arrives. Kirsten shoots Petru in the chest – at his request. This breaks the concentration of the guards and gives Kirsten the chance to shoot three Al Qaeda in the back. Nicu arrives on the scene and thinks Kirsten has murdered Petru. He is only stunned as his body armor stopped the bullet. Kirsten calls Petru her biological father and Nicu is deeply surprised. They make it up the stairs to the roof. Petru complains of chest pains. Ahead of them on the rooftop Nicu bumps his head on a pipe and is out of action. Petru chats with Kirsten when they get pinned down by rifle fire. He tells her that he loves her with his eyes. Then he tells her that she has to go out and defend Avril who is about to be shot.
Across the way on a different rooftop Anton and Damiana shoot enemy ninjas with a sniper rifle and night vision goggles. Just a few minutes earlier Avril had told Aniya to turn on her laser earring... An airplane lands on Antarctica.
The helicopter comes in to pick up Aniya, Avril and the bombs. Petru pushes Kirsten out into the fray. Aniya and the two bombs make it on the helicopter. Avril is shot and falls down. Anton and Kirsten pick off more Al Qaeda ninjas. Petru knows that a heart attack builds in his chest. He stumbles out into the shoot out. He kills a few Al Qaeda before he gets killed. This sacrifice gives Kirsten and the other AN-IS warriors time to clean up the last Al Qaeda assassins.
Petru is dead. Avril is wounded. Nicu has a bump on the head. Aniya and the helicopter fly off safely. The bombs go off in Antarctica. The rest of the plans to stop global trade and liberate food supplies and production go off flawlessly.
At a huge rally in Patras, Tamarra gives a powerful speech. Thousands and then tens of thousands of children come out of buildings and down from the hills. They lead the confrontation with the remnants of the Armed Forces of Greece. The speech goes well. There are scenes across the town and indeed across the world of celebrations and the people victorious against the rich.
The final scene is in a hospital room in Patras. Many of the characters hang out in Avril's room where she recuperates. They listen to radio broadcasts about the rally, Tamarra's speech and world events... A distant relative arrives and gives Avril news about the Middle East. The relative informs Avril that her lover is on his way with a slight injury from an attack on a pipeline in the Caucasus.
Scenes from the beginning repeat... THE END

Screenplays & Book Need Agents:
Query Rath Avens & Pian Estarov.
A Teaser Review: Euro Anarchists and Anarcho-Islamic Allies steal nuclear bombs from Al Qaeda & bomb the ice shelves of Antarctica. An anarchist chieftain's daughter, Aniya, is set up by her ex-lover Nicu. They survive each other and become friends with privileges again. Together with a Kurd friend Avril, they survive ambushes & set a few of their own. They follow Aniya's father’s plan, sometimes without knowing it. Finally they steal a bus, find a hidden tunnel and end up in Greece where they uncover more traitors & friends. Kirsten, the biological daughter of Aniya's father and raised as the child of Nicu, makes a key decision as loyalty, life & luck hinge on the fate of a global uprising – and vice versa! The Lost Children of the Mountains contribute heavily to success. The domination plans of the Rich are forever thwarted. The insurrection achieves rhythm and irreversability.


The Works of Rath Avens:

The Magical Insurrection Saga In Five Parts:

I.) Novel: Kil. Wish: Wishing at the Edge : In the Northwest USA, Greens and radical Forest Defenders are on the verge of big election victories. Their program demands a gradual secession from the USA, even as the country collapses. Three armed groups maneuver in a game of power, deceptions and tenuous coalition. Hazel leads the radicals, even though she is unsure of the utility of violence. Sasha's adopted father leads a breakaway faction of the Christian Militia. They eventually side with Hazel. Sasha has a magical purpose and the power to release the energy of The Rebalancing - the trapped spirits of the Wildryns. This will decide the world's fate, if he gets a chance, with help from his friends... and dead relatives! There are Elves in the world, but we only meet one: Anaya. The elf and other forces battle Demons, the older generation and traitors. Kil. Wish is an epic tale of effort leading luck and magic. Sweat brings flies, talk doesn't. A lesson of sacrifice with meaning.

Wishing at the Edge mixes real life characters with an Elf, magic and the only viable non-violent means of changing the USA and saving the world. Boldly eclectic, it combines Pagan, Rei-Ki and sabotage with bonding relationships and action. The variety of characters rivals Tolkien and the Eco-Social Defense plan makes the books, Ecotopia and The Fifth Sacred Thing, look hollow.

I have made a career out of sneaking around in the woods. My characters reflect this and the scenes have a natural feel to them because many are based on real life experiences. Sasha is the head of a youth network of spies and is drawn from my son’s adventures. Jarred, Sasha’s adopted father, is the mayor of the militia’s most important town and many of his dilemmas reflect my own.


II.) Screenplay: Kil. Serenity: Assassin Girl : In Kil. Serenity, a 23-year-old revolutionary, Charna, has lost her partner to a government carpet-bombing aided by traitors. She plans on killing everyone involved by herself. She ends up working with Damien and eventually leads a coalition of rebel gangs in a general uprising aimed at freeing the millions of poor people held in prisons. Wicked strange dreams help her (and us) figure out what the problems in her head are. Damien enters into Charna’s dreams. At a prison she confronts her estranged father who turns out to be one of the leaders of the carpet-bombing campaign. A repeat performance literally looms over them all.

Charna, stalks the officials and traitors responsible for bombing a rebellion and killing her friends. She meets a young man, Damien. Soon they are killing and dreaming as one. The dreams merge with reality. They corner and trap the person most responsible: her estranged father. Everything is resolved or blown to pieces at a large Federal prison. The Resistance achieves a great victory. Charna dies to save the new Death Angel: Damien..


III.) Screenplay: Kil. Chaos: Bomb Antarctica: Young and old anarchists build communities of resistance in southern Europe. Veska returns to the main anarchist village in the mountains of Romania. Her father is the Chief and she is in the command structure. The final meeting before the nuclear bomb purchase is about to commence. Assignments are made and some technical information on bombing the Antarctic ice shelves is discussed. The next morning helicopters viciously attack the village. Veska and her father escape and meet up with a Kurd scout and the bomb dealer's daughter. They make it to Kurdistan and after some haggling with al Qaeda they get two bombs. Off they go on a wild and sometimes funny chase through the mountains to the Black Sea. A daughter struggles with her father and his shadow at the end of the world. Where does Veska fit? Should she support the broader alliance or her friends on the hardedge of the Anarcho-Islamist position? She struggles with her temper and her rebelliousness as she longs for love, identity and survival in her father's shadow. The anarchists blow up the Antarctic ice shelves to stop the plans of the rich and to alter the final battles for the Earth.

Link Kil. Chaos:

IV.) Screenplay Gentle Change: Bomb Antarctica (Political Action Drama).
Euro Anarchists and Anarcho-Islamic Allies steal nuclear bombs from Al Qaeda and bomb the ice shelves of Antarctica. An anarchist chieftain's daughter, Aniya, is set up by her ex-lover Nicu. They survive each other and become friends with privileges again. Together with a Kurdish friend Avril, they survive many ambushes and set a few of their own. They follow the plan of Aniya's father, sometimes without knowing it. Finally they steal a bus, find a hidden tunnel and end up in Greece where they uncover more traitors and friends. Kirsten, the biological daughter of Aniya's father and raised as the child of Nicu, makes a key decision as loyalty, life and luck hinge on the fate of the global uprising – and vice versa! The Lost Children of the Mountains contribute heavily to success. The domination plans of the Rich are forever thwarted. The insurrection achieves rhythm and irreversability.



AN-IS Eco Sharia


V.) A Magical Insurrection:

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