Andrew R. Carlson - Anarchism in Germany Volume I: The Early Movement

A rich literature exists on the German Social Democratic movement which attempts to explain the role of the German working class in the Wilhelmian Reich. A notable omission in this literature is the lack of serious studies on anarchism , which in many respects parallels the development of the Social Democratic Party in Germany, This book seeks to add a new dimension by providing a narration and analysis of the anarchist experience in Germany during the period 1830-1889, with emphasis on the years 1878 - 1889.

1. Spiritual Ancestors of the German Anarchists
2. Max Stirner (1806-1856)
3. Anarchism in Germany to 1878
4. The Hodel Assassination Attempt and the Defeat of the Socialist Law
5. The Nobiling Assassination Attempt and the Passage of the Socialist Law
6. Johann Most and Wilhelm Hasselmann Threaten to Split the SPD
7. The Smuggling of Freiheit and the Formation of Anarchist Cells
8. Propaganda by Deed
9. The Failure of Propaganda by Deed: The Tragic Careers of August Reinsdorf and Julius Lieske
10. Bruderkrieg
11. John Neve and the Split in the Movement
Appendix I: First German Anarchist Program, October 2, 1875
Appendix II: Statutes of the German-Speaking Communist-Anarchist Party, June 13, 1877

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