No We Can't All Just Get Along:Hip Hop, Gang Unity and the LA Riots

For folks who are interested in understanding the LA riots of 1992 this is the zine for you. While the zine Three Days that Shook the New World Order is an alright attempt at understanding the riots, one is left with the notion that the Chicago Surrealist Group just seized upon the riots as a way to explain their manufactured boring rhetoric. Also that zine continually discounts the role of gangs in the riots, which is just a fallacy.

This zine is broken into three chapters the first one is titled Black Los Angeles which breaks down, in short form, the history of LAs racial hostilities and class conflicts, along with giving a brief history of the Watts riots of 1965. In this chapter we also learn about the desperation that led to the birth of the postindustrial gangs, and how they sprang out of the corpse of the black power movement of the late 1960s.

The second chapter, Peace Treaties and Burning Buildings, focuses on the rebellion of 1992 and the gang unity project that led up to the riots.

Chapter three entitled the War on Youth, shows us how the state purposefully targeted gang peace makers for fear of a united army of poor youth.

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