Sic 1.1

"Activism is the permanent “What is to be done?” of the epoch in which everything that constituted a worker iden- tity has disappeared. A permanent “What is to be done?” which no long- er disposes of that mediation towards generality which was represented by the worker identity and/ or the Party (existing or to be built), by the empow- erment of the class, or more generally, by a proletarian being to be revealed, no matter if it was explicit in its media- tions (political, trade-unionist, institu- tional) or thwarted by them."

[Sic 1.1] Further Remarks

Further remarks and discussion on The Present Moment from Sic 1

Table of Contents
1. Additional remarks on the end of activism
2. “The police is also, opposite to us, our own existence as a class as limit”
3. General remark by Blaumachen on the text
4. Formal subsumption; real subsumption
5. The conjuncture
6. Critique of the conception of theory in the text

Sic: International journal for communisation Issue 1

The present journal aims to be the locus for an unfolding of the problematic of communisation. It comes from the encounter of individuals involved in various projects in dif- ferent countries: among these are the journals Endnotes, published in the UK and the US, Blaumachen in Greece, Théorie Communiste in France, Riff-Raff in Sweden, and certain more or less informal theoretical groups in the US (New York and San Francisco). Each of these projects will continue to exist on their own. Also participating are vari- ous individuals in France, Germany, and elsewhere, who are involved in other activities and who locate themselves broadly within the theoretical approach taken here.

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