More than angry

I couldn't get past the first three paragraphs without raging.

"Wah! I'm part of three dominant, typically oppressive social groups and I have feelings and problems too! Why can't we all just be in this together? These problems affect all of us! You oppressed people should really think a lot more about MY FEELINGS!"

Your family story is powerful, I wish you and your family the best. What happened to your mother is horrid, especially her treatment by the police. It is truly representative of the disgusting nature of the patriarchy and the awful institution of the police. Once again, I truly hope you all find a way of healing and find some sense of retribution against the violators and the institutions that created them. I truly hope you are able to find joy in your life, if you have not already.

With that said, you need to stop talking about everything else, though. The patriarchy benefits you. White supremacy benefits you. Heteronormativity benefits you.

These are not your problems. These problems are not universal. It is disgusting that you are trying to homogenize our experiences. The people who are affected by these will deal with them however they please, and if that includes excluded from their spaces, they have every right to do so. If you refuse to be our ally, that's fine. We get to decide who and who isn't and ally. You are not an ally. You are a white supremacist, misogynist, heterosexist asshole.


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