When Feminism is Revolting: Initial Thoughts on Abolition of Gender

by stacy, aka sallydarity

Intro: If the gender/sex binary was imposed on humankind as a way to naturalize male domination, this would mean that all of us would be much more liberated by gaining freedom from imposed gender boxes. We need a feminism (if the term is not to be abandoned) that liberates us all... My rival was quoting the notoriously transphobic Sheila Jeffreys, whose ideas about gender are actually not that far off from some other feminists I’ve been reading to gain insight into this naturalization of a gender hierarchy... I have found that a number of feminist and queer radicals have promoted ideas that could potentially undermine certain people’s autonomy and agency. We can draw from different authors or ideologies, but we must decisively aim towards that which empowers everyone.

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