Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sambo: One African’s Thoughts on the Subject of Black Self-Colonialism

The grandly erroneous accusation, that non-Whites are ultimately responsible for their own disenfranchisement and sociopolitical poverty in White societies, is simply not true. And this is fundamentally why events like ‘Black History Month’ cannot, in any logical sense, be regarded as anything other than grand acts of willful self-deception. The essential deceit being the claim that the African, or any other non-Western European group for that matter, has ever really enjoyed a dignified place within the Euro-settler American collective consciousness without first having to fight for it. And almost no one who believes that they have a stake in the extant status quo will discuss this in honest terms. Chiefly because the White mainstream is resistant to our inclusion and is still not prepared to admit this. Even then, after generations of working for and with Whites, after fighting for them and dying side-by-side with them in every war they have ever undertaken, rightly or wrongly, White people still cannot explain in clear terms why Africans and other minorities are still not fully accepted. Not without resorting to the Aryan fantasy narrative of the European ‘Master Race’.

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