Reclaim Your Mind: An urgent message to the ‘insane’, the ‘angry’, the ‘unstable’, the ‘chaotic’, the ‘depressed’...


Dark Matter Publications, Spring 2012

Introduction to "Reclaim Your Mind":

We are pleased to publish this anonymous text which appeared on the old website of the 325 Collective in 2003 and which was re-edited and published online in 2011. We don’t agree with this text entirely and are pessimistic about the prospect of a wide-spread ‘healing’ of Earth or the masses of society – as has always been the case, minorities will throw off the chains of social obligations, will seize their own life trajectory and wilfully define themselves, finding each other and creating unique moments of beauty, life and freedom. Maybe in the ruins of techno-industrial mass society a widespread healing will occur. For the time being, we aim to liberate ourselves from the cage we’ve been born into, alongside as many others as possible. This means overcoming the limiting constraints of our mental patterns and freeing ourselves from the self-fulfilling diagnoses of mental illness, to glory in our inscrutable uniqueness and our dysfunctionality – our refusal to be working, integrated components of the megamachine.

The zine ‘Beyond Amnesty’ (downloadable from is also well worth reading, a piercing and personal attack on psychiatry and this prison society that drives us to self-destruction. Anti-civilisation thinkers such as Chellis Glendinning, John Zerzan and Derrick Jensen have traced the pathology of modern society to its root in domestication, and the growing patterns of control, repression, abuse and self-destruction. It will take the deliberate violation of the control patterns instilled by the tranquilising institutions of society to reclaim our wilful self-empowered autonomy.

We remember the suicides and drug abuse and say the deaths are murders by this dominator system. We are in an existential struggle and have declared revolutionary war to the end.

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