Sabotage is Still in the Air

…is the zine we, @ the wooden shoe, are starting to work on. The zine should come out, irregularly and inconstantly, in a fantastic disorganized manner, once or twice a year, but we promise launch parties, creativity, passion and especially a lot of doing together, talking on each other, munching at meetings, wonderful art and random, unexpected writings. We promise that we will focus not on the productive aspect of this project, but on the relational dynamics that can be created and deepened by doing things together. We are doing this also because we think that you should know what goes behind the curtains of your local anarchist infoshop and because we believe that some of the political practices that we work on, in order to keep this collective going and the bookstore functioning are worth divulging and talking about… there’s a lot of thought behind those stubborn anarchist heads, especially when they work in unison.

Finally, about the name: Sabot, from which sabotage comes, is a wooden shoe and, if you wanna know more about it, you should ask James Generic!



p.s. This is our first issue, featuring current staffers reflecting on our space's 35th year of operation as an infoshop and bookstore in Philadelphia, PA. Check out our blog at for online reading. -Wode

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