What are you talking about?

You are making a bunch of assumptions.

Do you want this book removed from all libraries or just this one? Because the only difference between Zinelibrary and any other library is that it is online. No one is charged money for the information posted to this site. There isn't any advertising and the site doesn't ask for donations. Libraries share copyrighted material all the time for free. This pdf file is also all over the internet as a torrent download. Used copies of the book are sold on corporate sites like Amazon where no royalties go to the authors.

Did you post this book and now want it removed? Did any of the authors contact this site directly? Do the authors want their book removed from other libraries?

"But I see the way that many anarcho-identified folks do not hold themselves accountable for their impact and continue to glean information at others' expense."

and this:

"As usual, manarchist influence wants to claim the power without having to do the work."

Where does this hostility come from? What do you aim to accomplish with comments like these?


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