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Hello -

Yes, there is a difference between this site and a library: Libraries purchase our books - and the publisher can, if it wishes, refuse to sell the books to libraries so that individuals will have to buy the books to get the information. (Not that I would ever do that, but the point is that authors and publishers should have control over where their work is disseminated - control that is taken away when you post our work without our permission.)

Dossie and I depend heavily on the royalties from our work. Moreover, Greenery Press, the publisher of all but one of our titles, is my sole financial support - and I assure you I am not getting wealthy from that income.

Please take down all our titles here. I do not want to bring legal attention to your site but I will do so if our books are not removed. These books are copyrighted material and we have not given our permission to publish them here.

Thank you.
Janet W. Hardy


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