Nothing Humane About Animal Slaughter - By Shaun Riley


Often, the methods used to slaughter animals for human consumption are promoted as being “humane.” By using this euphemism, the meat industry justifies enslaving and murdering countless sentient animals, such as cows, pigs, and chickens each year in factory farms, while society lives with the guilt free illusion that cold-blooded murder can be carried out with compassion.

However, the meat industry cannot be justified or called humane when it remains inherently unethical.

Look at it from this perspective: if a human being kills another in cold-blood, does it make the killing any more justifiable if the murderer takes the time to make sure the victim is killed swiftly and without pain?

Inevitably, the person who is murdered is deprived of their life, as well as any possibility of future existential pleasure.

If we as humans value the opportunity to be free from pain and to experience pleasure, it is only ethical that we respect these qualities in fellow beings that possess subjective experiences.

The only conclusion that can be reached is that any exploitative killing of animals - regardless of however “humane” the methods might be - remains intrinsically unethical.

Humane is a word that means nothing when considering that the taking of a sentient being’s life - even without the animal experiencing pain - inevitably involves eradicating any chance for the being to live the natural duration of his or her life, as well as negating the ability to experience any future pleasure.


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