Your Philosophy

Work is an act of love and creativity.

Without it you starve or are a parasite. Yes, hunting and gathering is work.

Family is an act of love.

Liberty begins with free will, self awareness, then awareness of others and a development of your humanity.

Those things which take my liberty and the fruits of my labor must be opposed to create a free society. A free society is sustainable and shares the earth.

Your esoteric philosophy doesn't seem very productive to me. Cooperation is necessary in a free society. It requires communication/education. Without being able to discuss ideas/paradigms , we have no basis for problem solving. Problem solving by a group is more effective than the limited resources of an individual.

You may not like the names I use for my ideas/ideology, but they are a way of organizng complex thoughts I have from years of thought and study, so they are easy to understand and accessable to most people (not elitist). You cannot criticize another person's point of view, if you don't understand it and why you disagree with it.

I prefer to organize toward a self-manged free society based on cooperation, mutual aid and well being for all.


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