Burning Porcupine - Anarchist Convention in Grafton NH

07/14/2008 - 00:30
07/25/2008 - 00:30

There will be drinking, burning things, sitting around BSing, bands,
toilets and showers in the woods, talking about the revolution, and of
course a giant burning rodent It'll be one big party. Lloyd is going to
do a naked fire dance. Tim Condon is going to prance in a gorilla suit
to do: a circle of liberty, poetry reading, lead a Scrabble tournament,
readings of patriotic documents, MC a magic show, a libertarian play.
Wookie skydiving is on the schedule. There's a possibility of
warm-weather jello wrestling. Get your nails done by illegal nail
buffers: an unlicensed Buff-In. Sumo-wrestling to settle any endless
debates - noisemeter from the crowd to arbitrate. Shooting and golf -
with extra points for shooting golf balls out of the air. Libertarian
karaoke - full spray with firehose if you're really bad - instead of
the hook aka Gong Show. Logging competition. Burning Porcupine
moving-making contest. Poker tournament with ounces of silver.
Fireworks illegal in most states - IED exhibition. Burning President
William. An FSP Roast - a few minutes for each freestater notable
(submit your nominations for people to be roasted) - cardboard cutouts
for roasting those in absentia. Live video from the event. Nightly UN
flag burning.

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