3rd Balkan Anarchist Book Fair in Sofia

05/31/2008 - 00:00
06/02/2008 - 23:59

The Balkan Anarchist Book Fair is an institution which aims to spread
the anti-authoritarian principles around the local communities, along
with the gathering amongst activists coming from several Balkan
countries and from all over the world and, finally, the realization of
political and cultural events.

The 1st Balkan Anarchist Book Fair was in Ljubljana in Slovenia in 2003
and it was considered to be successful and with many attendants. The
2nd Balkan Anarchist Book Fair took place in Zagreb in Croatia the
following year, but since the local movements couldn't fully support
it, the whole idea of organizing the annual Book Fair became weaker.

The initiative group for organizing the 3rd Balkan Anarchist Book Fair
is constituted by groups and individuals from Bulgaria, Serbia and
Greece, who have attended the previous two book fairs. Willing to
revive the institution, we selected Sofia as the location for
organizing the book fair for two main reasons: first of all due to the
huge history of the Anarchist Movement in Bulgaria and also due to the
contemporary huge publication activity. The anarchist movement of this
country is rooted since the time of Christo Botef, national poet and
rebel who lived in the middle of the 19th century. The Bulgarian
anarchists were present in important moments of the Bulgarian and also
of the Global History, since apart from the resistance against the
Bulgarian czar, some anarchists even joined the Spanish Revolution. The
continuity of the movement was interrupted after the establishment of
the communist regime after the end of the Second World War, when all
anarchist principles were oppressed and many anarchists found
themselves imprisoned.

After the fall of the communist regimes, the anarchist principles were
revived and the movement rose up again. Nowadays, when neoliberalism
and nationalism prevail, Bulgarian anarchists are active under
extremely difficult circumstances, having to face extreme-rightwing
gangs along with the general indifference of the population.

We call every anarchist, anti-authoritarian or anti-capitalist to
support by their attendance this event, even if they don't have their
own publications to present and also to take part in the actions that
are going to take place.

The Book Fair is programmed to take place at 31 of May - 2nd of June 2008 Sofia

For more infos on accommodation etc on fab@a-bg.org,ita_gr.yahoo.co.uk,inicjativa.org

Initiative group for organizing the 3rd Balkan Anarchist Book Fair


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