Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism by Peter Marshall

Lively and authoritative, this study of a widely misunderstood subject skillfully navigates the rough waters of anarchistic concepts—from Taoism to Situationism, ranters to punk rockers, individualists to communists, and anarcho-syndicalists to anarcha-feminists. Exploring key anarchist ideas of society and the state, freedom and equality, authority and power, the record investigates the successes and failures of anarchist movements throughout the world. Presenting a balanced and critical survey, the detailed document covers not only classic anarchist thinkers—such as Godwin, Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin, Reclus, and Emma Goldman—but also other libertarian figures, such as Nietzsche, Camus, Gandhi, Foucault, and Chomsky. Essential reading for anyone wishing to understand what anarchists stand for and what they have achieved, this fascinating account also includes an epilogue that examines the most recent developments, including postanarchism and anarcho-primitivism as well as the anarchist contributions to the peace, green, and global justice movements of the 21st century.

Part I: Anarchism in Theory
1. The River of Anarchy
2. Society and the State
3. Freedom and Equality
Part II: Forerunners of Anarchism
4. Taoism and Buddhism
5. The Greeks
6. Christianity
7. The Middle Ages
8. The English Revolution
9. The French Renaissance and Enlightenment
10. The British Enlightenment
Part III: Great Libertarians
11. French Libertarians
12. German Libertarians
13. British Libertarians
14. American Libertarians
Part IV: Classic Anarchist Thinkers
15. William Godwin: The Lover of Order
16. Max Stirner: The Conscious Egoist
17. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon: The Philosopher of Poverty
18. Michael Bakunin: The Fanatic of Freedom
19. Peter Kropotkin: The Revolutionary Evolutionist
20. Elisee Reclus: The Geographer of Liberty
21. Errico Malatesta: The Electrician of Revolution
22. Leo Tolstoy: The Count of Peace
23. American Individualists and Communists
24. Emma Goldman: The Most Dangerous Woman
25. German Communists
26. Mohandas Gandhi: The Gentle Revolutionary
Part V: Anarchism in Action
27. France
28. Italy
29. Spain
30. Russia and the Ukraine
31. Northern Europe
32. United States
33. Latin America
34. Asia
Part VI: Modern Anarchism
35. The New Left and the Counter-Culture
36. The New Right and Anarcho-Capitalism
37. Modern Libertarians
38. Modern Anarchists
39. Murray Bookchin and the Ecology of Freedom
Part VII: Legacy of Anarchism
40. Ends and Means
41. The Relevance of Anarchism
Epilogue: The Phoenix Rising

Demanding the Impossible - A History of Anarchism
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