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This is a one-shot publication about the restructuring of the Northwest Detention Center and its contractors, financial advisers, and investors on a city, state and national level. It is a manual to track the relationships of power these companies share. Diaspora has a twofold meaning, as stated on the cover,“a dispersion or spreading, as of people originally belonging to one nation or having a common culture.” Another meaning is in relation to what can come from the dispersion of actions, such as: hunger strikes in detention centers, noise demos, acts of solidarity against institutions that support detention center construction, and an array of individual and collective acts. These actions, not defined by a particular group, are part of a wide struggle for the destruction of detention centers and against those considered illegal by the state.

Deportation has become a sort of global factory, as some may say, a deportation machine. It functions to move people en masse out of one country into another in unison with the construction of tighter surveillance measures on the border. The new technologies of capture: biometric identification, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) and towers mounted with cameras, are present and constantly monitoring the Southern border of Arizona. These measures are expanding and inverting the walls of the prison to the outside, from a physical institution to the open air. The discourse of those in power say these measures and developments are twofold: one, that this stops people without papers and the correct form of citizenship from coming in illegally; and two, to keep us safe from terrorism, which is a way to use this monitoring on its own citizens, i.e. in a domestic way.

Let this be a spark for one to act as an individual or collectively against the present world, realizing the points, nodes and relations of power that these seemingly endless institutions interconnect to and share. When seen as a whole, these institutions are a multilayered apparatus of: capture, control, deportation, detention, imprisonment, and surveillance. These institutions are constructed through different types of discourses, power-relations, and actions the state and capital use. How can one understand the points at which this widening prison world is growing? Where to begin a method of attack, sabotage and subversion within its places of development?

Some addresses of certain banks and companies have been left out, so one may have to do research in a secure and safe way to find out more information.


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