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Welcome to Dj Questionmark's Audio Archive. Here you will find interviews with people about a veriety of topics since 2004.These interviews aired on pirate radio Free Radio Olympia 98.5 fm, Weird Radio Portland 93.7fm, Berkeley Liberation Radio 104.1 fm and LP-FM KOWA 106.5fm.


Interview with Jay Donahue about the California Prisoner Hunger Strike

Jay talks about the continuing struggle inside California State prisons

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Audio 17 mins 12 seconds
Recorded at Free Radio Olympia on July 26, 2011 by dj questionmark

Interview with Contra Info about the Anarchist Struggle in Greece.

dj questionmark talks with people from the anarchist language translating collective Contra Info. This was a collaborative effort between DJs at pirate radio stations Athens Free Radio 98fm and Free Radio Olympia 98.5fm.

The discussion covers many topics of interest to anarchists and others in the social struggle. Such as, building and maintaining revolutionary infrastructure, opposing neo-nazis and nationalism, immigrant solidarity, political and social prisoner solidarity, the uprising in 2008, general strikes, general assemblies and neighborhood meetings, and much more. We also talk about the anarchist movement and prison struggles in the US. Most importantly you get to hear voices from the uncompromising and unflinching spirit of anarchism in Greece.

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2 hours 13 minutes
Audio recorded June 27, 2011 at Athens Free Radio 98fm

Interview with Michael Novick on Anti-Racism and Decolonizing

Recorded at Free Radio Olympia by dj questionmark June 20, 2011

Download at: (7.9 mb 34 minutes)

Michael Novick of Anti-Racist Action LA and People Against Racist Terror (ARA-LA/PART) talks about anti-racist work and dismantling colonialism. Novick connects different social justice issues and explains how everyone has a stake in the struggle for human liberation. He also lays out the historical
progression of settler colonialism in the western United States and how important it is today for people
to be self-critical of an internal colonization that misleads people into identifying with their own oppressor. Novick’s approach to community organizing recognizes a common humanity that includes building
alliances, self-determination and developing a “total politics” that include all oppressed people and groups.

Visit for more info about Anti-Racist Action


Interview with Paul Wright of Prison Legal News

Recorded May 30, 2011 by dj questionmark at Free Radio Olympia

Download at: (31 minutes, 7mb mp3)

Paul talks about founding Prison Legal News while incarcerated in Washington State as a resource for prisoners. Overcoming hurdles to publishing and distribution, including the first three issues completely banned in Washington State prisons, Prison Legal News emerged as a leading magazine in the United States with over 7,000 subscribers in all 50 states. Possibly the most censored publication in the country, Prison Legal News has successfully pressed lawsuits against prison mail restrictions and to improve prison conditions for the last 21 years.

Paul also talks about the economics of prison slavery and how prisons manage unemployment rates and poor people. Prison Legal News is currently working on a campaign to end high prisoner phone call costs.


Audio from the 2011 Tacoma Leonard Peltier Clemency Rally

Download at: (1 hour and 3 minutes long, 46.8 mb mp3)

Listen to Native elders talk about the struggle to free Leonard Peltier. Chauncey Peltier, Leonard's son, speaks about his dad. More speeches by Leonard's supporters were recorded at the rally held in front of the
Federal Courthouse in downtown Tacoma.

Recorded by dj questionmark May 21, 2011 in Tacoma WA


Southern Skies on FRO

Joe and Kendl play a few songs on the radio (22 minutes, 22 mb)


Olympia Peace Activist talks about Challenging Abusive Conditions in the Olympia City Jail

Download at: (27.8 mb mp3 30 minutes and 56 seconds)

Interview recorded at Free Radio Olympia by dj Questionmark on May 2, 2011

Olympia peace activist Patty talks about her participation in a federal lawsuit to change conditions in the Olympia City Jail. She was arrested in November 2007 during anti-war protests that shut down military transport through the Port of Olympia. Patty was one of 40 women who held a sit in at the port gate. The lawsuit came from their treatment in Olympia City Jail where they were held for hours in their underwear and subjected to other humiliating treatment. Patty talks about options people may have when abused in jail.


Radio Interview with Sac Prisoner Support about Eric McDavid

Download at: (24 mb) 27 minutes

Interview with Jenny of Sacramento Prisoner Support about the case of Eric McDavid. Eric was entrapped by government agent "Anna" in early 2006 in a fake plot to blow up a dam. Anna used FBI money to recruit, house and transport her fake eco-cell. After the arrests, Eric's co-defendants took cooperating plea-deals and testified against him. Eric was then tried and convicted of conspiracy and sentenced to 20 years.

Sac Prisoner Support has supported Eric throughout this experience and is developing long term strategies. An international day of action is called this June 11th, 2011 in solidarity with Eric and eco-defender
Marie Mason. For more information about the day of action visit:

For more information on Eric McDavid and ways to support him visit:

Interview recorded at Free Radio Olympia by dj Questionmark on April 25, 2011


Radio Interview with Tre Arrow

Download at: (50 mb) 56 minutes

Interview with environmental activist and former international political prisoner Tre Arrow. Tre talks about his current activities in Portland and his past efforts to preserve forest eco-systems. He recounts his participation in the Eagle Creek and Tillimook forest campaigns. Tre became well known for standing on the ledge of the US forest Service building in downtown Portland for 11 days. He then ran for congress for the Green Party and got over 15,000 votes.

Tre became a suspect for the Ross Island Sand and Gravel arson after his co-defendant bragged to his girlfriend, who told her dad, who told the FBI. While a fugitive on the FBI's most wanted list, Tre crossed
Canada and was arrested in Vancouver. Tre fought his extradition and lack of raw vegan food in jail with a series of hunger strikes. His weight dropped to around 80 pounds at one point.

Tre served his prison time and is currently on parole. He remains committed to social and ecological justice.


Interview with Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective

Interview recorded at Free Radio Olympia by DJ Questionmark on
April 18, 2011 21 mins 20 seconds MP3 (18.5 mb)

Download at:

Interview with Monica of the Chapel Hill, NC Prison Books Collective. Monica talks about prison abolition and transtorative justice as an alternative to the prison system. She describes the collective's effort to send books and zines to prisoners in the Southeast US, political prisoner writing nights and maintaining a zine catalog of radical literature. The group publishes monthly political prisoner birthday posters for over a year that are free on the internet to download. The posters encourage people to write to political prisoners on their birthday. The collective also actively supports prisoners organizing in North Carolina and reports on solidarity efforts. For more information visit


Interview with Denver Anarchist Black Cross

This interview was recorded at Free Radio Olympia by DJ Questionmark on April 18, 2011

12 mins 45 Seconds MP3 audio

Download at:

Interview with Whitney from Denver Anarchist Black Cross about the group, movement defense and the many mutual aid programs they have started. Whitney talks about the updated political prisoner database, the war chest program that raises funds for political prisoner's basic needs, the mutual aid fund where local people get
emergency loans for basic needs, the Nurturing Liberation program that provides free childcare, political prisoner writing nights and more.

Whitney elaborates on movement defense by commenting on internal and external repression. How opposing snitch-jacketing and shit talking within the movement is part of fighting government repression and
supporting political prisoners and people targeted by the state.


Radio Interview on the North West Detention Center

Interview with Francine and Clere about the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma WA. They talk about the private immigration center as a source of revenue for the city and profits for private investors. They also talk about how current immigration policy detains people not convicted of a crime. Resisting the detention center, they explain, is part of a greater struggle to abolish national boundaries and prisons. 

A conference called "No Border! No Nation! Stop Deportation!" happens Saturday April 23 in Tacoma.

Visit for more info.

This interview was recorded at Free Radio Olympia by dj questionmark on April 18, 2011

Download at:


Radio Interview With Susan Morales on the Struggle to Free Leonard Peltier

Interview with long time indigenous activist Susan Morales on the struggle to free Leonard Peltier.

Download at: (31.9 mb)

A NW regional march and rally for Leonard Peltier will take place May 21, 2011 in Tacoma WA.

This interview was recorded at Free Radio Olympia on April 11, 2011 by dj Questionmark

Susan talks about the days of the Seattle AIM House and what Leonard was like before he was a political prisoner.

The audio is rough in the first 4 minutes.


Liberation Radio Report

March 28, 2011


North African and Middle East uprisings

The signs of the defeat of the Libyan revolution

Nine anarchist and companeros on hunger Strike in Chile: Day 25

Eviction wave hits Amsterdam: Squatters Choose Attack Instead of Defense.

International week of action for Jock Palfreeman April 11-17

Scott DeMuth Moved new address

We don't talk to police we Don't Make the Peace Bond

Anarchy Newspaper box Stolen and Trashed by City of Olympia

Seattle: Anti-police Arrestee Benefit Dinner, March 30th

Anti-prison March in Milwaukee


Police Intimidation Impounds Permaculture Bus in Twin Cities

Aug. 31, 2008

Download: (4.1 mb)

Interview with Delyla Wilson about police intimidation and the impounding of their permaculture bus before the RNC protests.Recorded at KOWA 106.5 fm Olympia


“The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal” author J. Patrick O’Connor

July 14, 2008

Download: (8.1 mb)

J. Patrick O’Connor, author of “The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal”, talks about his theory of events that led to the death of Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner. O’Connor asserts Kenneth Freeman killed officer Faulkner during a traffic stop involving an altercation between Officer Faulkner and Billy Cook, Mumia’s brother. O’Connor explains how a corrupt police department set out to silence a local journalist and one of its biggest critics. O’Connor also talks about the history and political context of Mumia’s case including the latest Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruling.
Recorded at KOWA 106.5 fm Olympia


Berkeley Oak Grove Tree Sit

June 25, 2008

Download: (5 mb)

University of California lays siege to the Memorial Grove tree sit in attempt to starve people out of the trees. Recorded at KOWA 106.5 fm Olympia


SF 8 Solidarity

June 18, 2007

Download: (1.5 mb)

Audio recorded at the SF 8 solidarity rally outside the courthouse on Bryant St. 


Bay Area Liberation Report #2

June 3, 2007

Download: (10.3 mb)

In episode two of The Bay Area Liberation Report Danielsan brings us to a press conference for the Custodio family, recent victims of police brutality and racial profiling by the San Jose Police, Tumbleweed brings us a report from the Himalayan Fair in Berkeley where he interviewed Tibor Jankovich from the Bay Area Friends of Tibet on the subject of human rights abuses against the Tibetan People by the Chinese government, and Questionmark takes us to the Port of Oakland anti-war protest, where military shipments through the port were successfully halted after the ILWU locals chose not to cross the community picket lines.BALR was edited and produced
by DJ Tumbleweed and Blue Nile.


SF May Day

May 1, 2007

Download: (3 mb)

Thousands of people took to the streets today in San Francisco to stand up for human rights. The following audio is of speakers before the march began at Dolores Park.


Bay Area Liberation Report #1

April 29, 2007

Download: (12 mb)

The Bay Area Liberation Report was an hour broadcast on Berkeley Liberation Radio. This episode of BALR contains audio from the People's Park 38th anaversery celebration and the Berkeley oak grove tree sit. BALR was edited and produced by DJ Tumbleweed and Blue Nile on Berkeley Liberation Radio 104.1 fm.


Woodfin workers march for Justice

April 10, 2007

Download: (428 kb) 

Woodfin Hotel workers and people from the community marched for justice in the workplace. Workers are standing up for a living wage and against employer intimidation.


Homes Not Jails Action

April 7, 2007

Download: (5 mb)

Unedited audio from Homes Not Jails housing reclaimation and rally April 7, 2007


SF Community Garden

April 1, 2007

Download: (1.6 mb)

Land owner threatens community garden at Fulton and Stanyan Streets in San Francisco. The 1,300 sq foot plot is home to a variety of locally grown vegetables and fruit. The garden also became a liberated community space. After three months of building the garden, local residents are inspired to save the garden from the land owner’s threats.


Fighting Back Speaking Tour

Feb 24, 2007

download: (13.3 mb)

Featuring talks by Lynne Stewart, Michael Ratner and Jeff Mackler.
Unfortunately ran out of tape before Pam Africa and Diana Blanc spoke.


Claude Marks about the San Francisco 8

Feb 16, 2008

Download: (2.1 mb)

Audio interview with Claude Marks of the Freedom Archives about the San Francisco 8. Claude talks about the current charges, the context of COINTELPRO targeting liberation groups in the 1960's and 70's, and how people today can support the San Francisco 8.

Alcatraz Ferry Worker Picketline

Feb 11, 2007

Download: (6.1 mb)

Alcatraz Ferry workers continue the struggle to get their union jobs back. Four months into the lockout, workers are still walking the picketline at Pier 33. Community support is needed. Visit for more information.


Berkeley Tree Sit

Feb. 10, 2007

Download: (5.3 mb)

Audio from the base camp of the two month long campaign to save a grove of oak trees in Berkeley. Hear about the tree sit, the raid on the camp and the continuing community effort to save the trees.


Haiti Solidarity In S.F.

Feb. 7, 2007

Download: (8.8 mb)

People in San Francisco expressed solidarity with the people of Haiti tonight. This action was cordinated with 53 other cities around the world calling for UN troops to end their occupation of Haiti.


Audio from Josh Wolf Press Conference

Feb. 6, 2007

Download: (6 mb)

Independent journalist Josh Wolf spent his 169th day in jail today, setting a new record for the longest imprisoned journalist in US history. Josh is being held in contempt of court for refusing to release unedited video footage to a grand jury investigating a political demonstration against the G8 held in San Francisco in June 2005. The following audio was recorded at a press conference on the steps of San Francisco City Hall.


Locked Out Construction Workers in Oakland Struggle for Last Paycheck

Feb 2, 2007

Download: (17 mb)

150 construction workers got locked out of their jobs on Thursday in downtown Oakand. Workers are losing their jobs and may not receive their last paycheck. The workers are demanding to be paid and are holding the line across the street from the job site. Community solidarity is needed to help the workers get their pay. If you are in the Oakland area, stop by the site and see how you can participate in this fight for justice. Mp3 Audio from the constuction site. In English and Spanish.


4 Oregon Green Scare Defendants Plead Guilty

Nov 9, 2006

Download: (2.8 mb)

The last four defendants in the Oregon "green scare" case plead guilty today in US Federal court in Eugene, Oregon. The following recording includes the press conference with Daniel McGowan's Lawyer, Jonathan Paul's sister, and the partner of Jeff Hogg talking about Jeff's
imprisonment as a grand jury resister in this case. 


Portland Mexican Consulate demonstration

Oct 30, 2006

Download: (2.12 mb)

Around a dozen people demonstrated in solidarity with the people of Oaxaca in front of the Mexican Consulate in downtown Portland OR today. Interview at the consulate with one of the demonstrators about the situation in Oaxaca, the death of Indymedia journalist Brad Will, continuing the "campaign of pressure" on the Mexican Government and looking at the Oaxacan commune for local organizing strategies.


Olympia Port Protest Coverage

May 31, 2006

Download: (23.7 mb)

In May of 2006, Olympia residents attempted to block a shipment of Stryker military vehicles to protest the war in Iraq. This audio came from live reports from cell phones on the street as well as preveiously recorded coverage. This is what people listened to on Free Radio Olympia 98.5 fm.


Anarchist Ultimate Fighter Jeff Monson

May 31, 2006

Download: (4.93 mb)

Interview with professional fighter Jeff Monson from the Port of Olympia protests. Jeff reports from the port and talks about his ideas and how he got into anarchism.


Sarah Bender NYC Starbucks worker 

March 14, 2006

Download: (5.34 mb)

Sarah Bender was fired from her Starbucks job for union organizing. Sarah got her job back when the NLRB ruled that Starbucks committed numerous Unfair Labor Practices (ULPs). Sarah also talks
about solidarity unionism.


El Salvador 

March 14, 2006

Download: (27.7 mb)

Interview with local CISPES supporter about the political situation in El Salvador.


Super Size My Pay 

Feb 7, 2006


Interview with Simon of Unite union in New Zealand. Simon talks about how his union has organized in the fast food industry. Hear about workers at Starbucks, KFC, Burger King, Mcdonalds and others going on strike. This copy apears to be incomplete


Seattle IWW

Feb 7, 2006

Download: (6.07 mb)

Interview with a Seattle IWW member about a union organizing training. This Wob talks about ways to start organizing efforts in the workplace.


Venezuela World Social Forum

Feb 7, 2006

Download: (14.2 mb)

Interview with "Said Friend" who attended the World Social Forum in
Venezuela. She also talkes about the Bolivarian revolution and what she
saw in Venezula. 


Sacramento Prisoner Support 

Jan 31, 2006

Download: (7.11 mb)

with Garry of Sac Prisoner Support. Garry talks about the entrapment case of Eric Mcdavid, FBI informant "Anna" and thoughtcrime in the US. Since this interview, Eric McDavid was sentenced to 20 Years for a crime that didn't take place.


Daniel McGowan US Political Prisoner

Jan. 17, 2006

Download: (18.3 mb)

Interview with Daniel McGowan's friend Sean about Daniel's arrest in connection to two fires claimed by the ELF. Daniel pled guilty to the fires and was sentenced to 7 years.


Kansas Mutual Aid

Jan 17, 2006

Download: (31.4 mb)

Interview with Jordan of Kansas Mutual Aid. Jordan talks about anarchist community organizing efforts in Lawrence KS.


Insurrectionary Anarchists of Seattle 

Dec. 13, 2005 (13.6 mb)

Interview with Mark of the Insurrectionary Anarchists of Seattle. Learn about what insurrectionary anarchism is and what it means to organize for attack.

Chris McIntosh

Dec 6, 2005

Download at (13.6 mb)

Interview with Chris McIntosh's supporter Christina about Chris's case. Chris was sentenced to 8 years after an arson on a McDonald's in Seattle claimed by the ALF/ELF.  Chris has since become a neo-nazi in prison and dropped from earth liberation support lists.


Joe Carr, International Activist in Iraq

June 20, 2005

Download: (12.4 mb)

Interview with Joe Carr in Iraq.  This was a rare unembedded report from Iraq at the time. Joe talks about the people he has met, the tactics of the occupation, and his trip to Falluja after the US offensive.


Asaya on Male Privalge

Nov. 19, 2004

Download: (3.34 mb)

Local gender pioneer Asaya talks about male privalge, patriarchy, and the group Enough about Men, Let's Talk About Men.


Leonard Peltier US Political Prisoner

Nov. 3, 2004

Download: (29.1 mb)

Interview with Leonard Peltier supporter Arthur J. Miller. Arthur talks about Peltier's case and the context of the Reign of Terror on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Arthur has helped organize the annual Free Leonard Peltier March in Tacoma.


Free Jeff Luers

June 2004


Interview with Jeff Luers supporter Dylan about the International Day of Action with Jeff "Free" Luers. Jeff was sentenced to 22 years and 8 months for an arson at a car dealership and an attempted arson at an oil company. Jeff set the car dealership fire to protest global warming. Jeff sentence was recently appealed and reduced by 10 years.


Interview With Ash about Jeff Luers 2005

Download: (6.41 mb)


LEIU Protest

April 13, 2004  (12.3 mb)

Interview with Laural about the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit (LEIU) protest and police riot in Seattle of June 2002. Laural was arrested and suffered head trama when Seattle Police attacked the permitted protest.


Gateways Project for Incarcerated Youth

Date unknown

Download: lane1.mp3 (13.4 mb)

Interview with Haily and Linnea about the cultural program in Washington state that offers high school and college credit to incarcerated youth.  The book "Through the Eyes of the Judged" was made in this program.


Tre Arrow US Political Prisoner

Date Unknown

Download (6.56 mb)

Interview with Tre Arrow's sister Shawna Scarpitti about Tre's extradition fight from canada. Shawna talks about her brother's activism and FBI harassment.  Tre went on hunger strikes to get vegan food in jail. Tre recently pled guilty to arson at a gravel company.