Dragon and the Hydra, The: a historical study of organizational methods by Russell "Maroon" Shoats

We just redesigned this title first put out by Chicago ABC. The text is a short but excellent historical study of African and Amerindian movements in Jamaica, Suriname, Haiti, and the Southern US, with a focus on the decentralized organizational forms that made these rebellions against colonialism possible. Shoats particularly takes the vanguard party model to task, drawing on both historical evidence as well as the later writings of Black socialist C.L.R. James to criticize this organizational method. Though Shoats does not identify as an anarchist, this piece uses often over-looked rebellions to present a clearly anti-authoritarian perspective on movements by people of color in the Western hemisphere. If you or your group are seeking an articulate critique of authoritarian socialist means from a specifically black or indigenous experience, this text is a great starting point.

(Published by and for the chapel hill prison books collective...)

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